Roxy Horner: Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Dating History

Roxy Horner is a captivating British model known for her magnetic presence and striking beauty. Her alluring charm and radiant smile have become a charming personality in the fashion industry.

Who Is Roxy Horner?

Roxy Horner is a British model and actress who has become popular for her fashion work. She looks stunning, has a captivating personality, and shows undeniable talent. She appears in many magazines and works with famous brands. Roxy also acts in movies and TV shows, showing her ability to do different things.

Roxy Horner Height, Weight, Personality

Roxy Horner Height, Weight, Personality

Roxy Horner was born on June 20, 1991, in Essex, London, UK. She’s 30 years old, 5’8″ tall, and weighs about 55 kg. Roxy’s beauty and talent capture everyone’s attention. Her British nationality and white ethnicity add to her charm. People love her!

Roxy Horner Family & Jack Whitehall Girlfriend:

Roxy Horner loves her family and relationships. Her dad, PJ Hawn, is a famous songwriter and music producer, and her mom, Lisa Rae Horner, owns Music For Pilates and teaches Pilates. Roxy is very close to her two sisters, Josie Horner and Rina Horner. They all have a special bond.

Roxy Horner is currently dating the famous actor Jack Whitehall, and they are having a great time together. There’s no news about marriage or kids yet, as Roxy is focused on her career and close relationships. She feels happy and complete with her loving family and supportive partner. Roxy enjoys being surrounded by the people she loves.

Roxy Horner Pregnancy:

Roxy Horner Pregnancy

Roxy Horner, the pretty British model, and her partner Jack Whitehall are super happy to announce that they’re having a baby! They were really sad before because Roxy lost a baby, but now they’re thankful that everything is going well. They found out about the pregnancy when they were in Australia, and Roxy was so happy to tell her mom and little sister.

She thinks her grandma in heaven helped with this special gift. When Roxy told Jack, he got excited and even got the pregnancy test. They both cried tears of joy. Roxy looks amazing in her pregnancy photos, and she can’t wait to be a mom and have a new little friend.

Roxy has been keeping her pregnancy a secret by wearing loose clothes because she’s small. Jack is known for being private about his love life, but he’s been an amazing support to Roxy, especially with her diabetes.

He’s always positive, funny, and there for her. Roxy is so grateful to have Jack with her through everything. He goes with her to the doctor and gives her lots of love and strength.

Roxy Horner Career:

Roxy Horner has had an amazing career, full of success and fame. She is a British model, actress, and popular on social media. Many people love her because she looks stunning and has a charming personality.

Roxy has worked with big fashion brands like Superdry, Boux Avenue, and Face Gym. She has been on the covers of famous magazines like Vogue and Maxim. Roxy is also good at acting and has been in movies and TV shows where she shows her different talents. People like her and enjoy watching her on screen.

Roxy’s Net worth:


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With a net worth of approx. $2-4 million, Roxy’s career is on a steady rise.

Information Table:

Full Name Roxy Horner
Occupation Model, Actress, Television Personality, Singer, Entrepreneur
Date of Birth June 20, 1991
Place of Birth Essex, London, United Kingdom
Nationality British
Education Graduate from a reputed college
Modeling Agencies Premier Model Management
Notable Modeling Projects Superdry, Face Gym, Boux Avenue, Soft Paris, Little Mistress, etc.
Magazine Covers Vogue, Maxim, Elle, etc.
Acting Career Movies: Legendários (2010), Just Model Things (2016)
Relationship Currently dating Jack Whitehall (English actor)
Net Worth Estimated $2-4 million USD (approx.)
Height 5’8″ (172 cm)
Weight 55 kg (121 lbs)
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Religion Christian
Ethnicity White
Interesting Facts 1. Diagnosed with autoimmune diseases in 2020.

2. Enjoys reading books.

3. Has a pet dog.


Social Media Accounts:

Social Media Accounts Roxy Horner

Lesser Known Facts About Roxy:

  •  Roxy Horner is also an actress, television personality, singer, and entrepreneur, showcasing her versatility and diverse skill set.
  • Roxy Horner revealed that she had been diagnosed with autoimmune diseases, shedding light on her challenges and resilience in the face of health issues.
  • Roxy has a fondness for animals and enjoys spending time with her pet dog. This shows her compassionate nature and love for animals beyond her public image as a model and influencer.

FAQs about Roxy Horner:

1. What is Roxy Horner’s occupation?

  • Roxy Horner is a model, actress, television personality, singer, and entrepreneur.

2. Which famous fashion brands has Roxy Horner worked for?

  • Roxy Horner has worked for popular fashion brands such as Superdry, Face Gym, Boux Avenue, Soft Paris, Little Mistress, and others.

3. Has Roxy Horner appeared on magazine covers?

  • Yes, Roxy Horner has been featured on the cover pages of magazines like Vogue, Maxim, Elle, and others.