Peter Thurnwald: Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Xo Kitty, Nationality

Peter Thurnwald: Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Xo Kitty, Nationality, Players, Net Worth, Family, Ethnicity, Family, Wife, Girlfriend, Parents, Education, Movies, Early Life, Shows: Peter Thurnwald, a rising star in the Australian entertainment industry, is making waves as an actor, director, and producer.

Who is Peter Thurnwald?


Peter Thurnwald was born in South Korea but was adopted as a baby and grew up in the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia. However, his love for performing arts became his main focus. Now, he wows audiences in shows like ‘XO KITTY‘ on Netflix as Alex Finnerty, ‘Players’ on CBS/Paramount+ as Foresite, and ‘Bump’ on Stan as Lachie Koh.

Peter Thurnwald Height, Age & Nationality:

Peter Thurnwald is a talented young person in his 20s who has captivating Asian beauty. He is tall, standing at 6 feet and weighs 160 pounds. Peter has a slender body, which looks elegant. He has jet-black hair that frames his face and matches his captivating black eyes. His chest is 35 inches wide, and his waist is 30 inches.

Peter Thurnwald Family & Relationship:

As Peter Thurnwald was adopted as a baby so the information about the parents of Peter is unavailable. As per the latest news, Peter Thurnwald is single as of now.

Peter Thurnwald Education:


Peter Thurnwald went to the famous University of Queensland for his education, where he first learned about physics. But then, he followed his heart and love for the arts, so he studied at the Western Australian Academy of Arts.

Peter Thurnwald Career:

Peter Thurnwald’s career journey shows his never-give-up attitude and talent. He started in school plays and now he’s a famous actor. At first, he had small roles in movies like “King Kong: Skull Island” and “Thor: Ragnarok.” But he didn’t stop there. He worked hard on his acting skills, going to WAAPA. Then, in 2021, he got a big role in the show “Bump,” where he played Lachie Koh. Peter’s story teaches us to keep trying and improving, no matter the challenges we face.

Peter’s success started with a small role in “Young Rock” and a bigger part in “Players.” But it was his main role in “XO KITTY” on Netflix that really made him famous. Now, he has exciting new projects like “ENVY” coming up. Peter’s career is going up because he is talented and works hard. People love him and his acting.

Peter Thurnwald in ‘XO, Kitty’:

“XO, Kitty” is a fun and heartwarming rom-com series coming to Netflix. It’s about Kitty Song Covey, played by Anna Cathcart, who sets out on a journey to learn more about her late Korean mom and reconnect with her boyfriend Dae, portrayed by Choi Min-yeong. This show is a spinoff of the beloved “To All the Boys I’ve Loved” movies. Follow Kitty as she explores her mom’s life and tries to make her long-distance relationship work with Dae. Get ready for lots of laughter and love in this charming new series premiering soon on Netflix

Peter Thurnwald shines as Alex Finnerty in “XO, Kitty.” He plays a teacher at a school in Seoul, Korea, and he was adopted from Korea by Australian parents. In the show, Alex searches for his birth family, which is based on Peter’s own experiences as an adopted Korean. Peter skillfully merges his personal connection with the role, making his performance captivating.