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Nobody Will believe you Wiki, cast, release date, producer, director, writer, box office, budget,  plot, reviews and trailer: Originally titled Pretty Little Victim. Hannah and Melanie are all set for a fresh start. But sooner as Hannah starts living a normal life she experiences danger coming more close to her than she thought. Directed by Damián Romay. written by Samuel Hayes.

nobody will believe you

Release Dates and timings:

Nobody Will believe you released on July 17 this year.

Original TitlePretty Little Victim
Release dateJuly 17, 2021
DirectorDamián Romay
ProducerDamián Romay, Dave Hickey, Jacobo Rispa, Sebastian Battro, Tom Berry,
CountryUnited States,
Production companiesSunshine Films Florida

Cast and Characters Real Names: Nobody Will believe you

1. Jenna Rosenow as Melanie Baxter:

nobody will believe you

Melanie is the mother of Hannah(Emily Topper)  in the film  Nobody Will believe you. She helps Hannah to gear up her passion. But it gets worse when a stranger starts stalking Hannah. This 30-year-old actress is from Australia. Is a soap opera actress from Queensland. Jenna is a very hardworking and compassionate woman. started her career with a small role in a tv short paper plane in 2009. her first notable acting was in The Neighbours. It made her gain more fame.

2. Emily Topper as Hannah Baxter:

nobody will believe you

In the film, Nobody Will Believe You Hannah is starred as a teenager. she suffers a lot. She is passionate about being a pianist. She is made to feel like an outcast. The high school popular girls not only get jealous form her but also starts bullying her. the school counselling members are too unable to help her. later she is stalked by a stranger which increases her trouble. Her cell phone got hacked. her private photos got leaked. Hannah is known for “Girl in the Basement” and “home safe”.

3. John William Wright as Garrett Williams


John’s role in the film is still under mist. His role is assumed to be a life savour for mother snd daughter or in a negative role. he is an actor. he is also an assistant director. He is known for the films like  Love in the Sun (2019), MMO: IRL (2018), and A Beautiful Belly (2011).  John has also made some of his films like A Beautiful Belly. More of his pictures are short motion movies.

4. Lowrey Brown  as Mr Kurtz:

nobody will believe you

Lower Brown will be playing the role of Mr Kurtz in Nobody believes you. He is a successful stage actor in Atlanta. He can be seen in many plays and music also. Stephen Sondheim’s Company (Actor’s Express), Enjolras in Les Misérables (Aurora Theatre) are some of his great performances. Lowrey has been acting on the big screen for 10 years. This spectacular actor has been awarded Ron Howard on Netflix’s Hillbilly Elegy in 2020.

5. Derrick Clowes as Tanner:


he is an American actor. he is the co-leader of AmazingWizardStudios.

6. Elvia Hill as jenny:


Elvia hill will be playing the role of tanner in nobody Believes You. she is known for  ¡Come! (2020)  and The Legacy of love. she is best known for her role as Kerri in Legacy of love. she was starred as Sherri is always with you.

7. Bethany DeZelle as Emma:


she is known for her best roles in Abigail in “Underground”, Azalea in “Good Behaviour”  and officer Steinberg in “Savannah sunrise”.

8. Lauren Ledger as Zoe:

nobody will believe you

She is best known for her role as Anna grace in Soul Existence. She appeared in many short films Jesus and Jimmy Ray, Dear Annabel and Calculator.

Plot for nobody will believe you

Melanie Baxter(Jenna Rosenow)  and her daughter Hannah Baxter(Emily Topper)  are all set to start a new life. they already suffered a tough year but now they think they will get a peaceful life. Hannah joins her new school. Hannah is a budding pianist who is eager to fit in her school. but the high school popular girls won’t make her feel easy and warm. she stays like an outcast. Life is again unfair to her. Her phone gets hacked. She loses some of her private photos. Despite some care and counselling by the school things start getting worse for Hannah. Melanie starts worrying about her daughter. Things start getting more worse when she is stalked by a stranger. It now feels too much on her part. Danger gets closer to her than she was thinking it would be.


The trouble is endless-

a tragic house fire accident, a cut on mother and daughter moving into a new home. It’s enough trouble for someone to feel like death. Hannah is an actor in her late 20s. she likes to vibe in with the classical music. these are enough reasons to hate her by the high school popular girls as they would be jealous of her. Meanwhile, she starts talking to a random boy from her school named Tanner. They start talking via text messages. The boy reaches a state where he starts compelling Hannah to give her sexy photos. Then the situation becomes worse.

Random as hell-

the film is random as hell. somewhere in the middle of the film Hannah make it possible to get a school friend, amber. However, Melanie in the film Nobody believes you are displayed as a less caring mother. She cares more about the customers coming to a new spa in town!

Trailer of Nobody will believe you:

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