Murder In The Hills (Hoichoi): Wiki, Cast, Release Date, Review,Trailer

Murder in the hills(Hoichoi) Wiki, Cast Real Names, Release Date, Producer, Director, Budget, Review, Trailer: This is a Hoichoi web series. In this web series Rajdeep Gupta, Arjun Chakroborty, Sandipta Sen, Suprobhat Das, Anidita Das, Sourav Chakroborty, in the leading roles. This Hoichoi web series will be aired on 23 July 2021.

Hoichoi- murder in the hills

The Dreamy Location:

Darjiling,  this place has such a vibe where you can every emotion at its peak. Maybe because the hills are home to many beautiful people. Darjiling is also the second home for Anjan dutta. This is the reason Anjan chose this place for starting his first Hoichoi web series.

hoichoi-murder in the hills

” I have always been an avid reader of mysterious thrill. I wanted to do a thrill web series this time. Instead of creating another detective, I decided to do a web series this time. I decided it make it more unique. So after getting ideated with Hoichoi I decided to go with the never-seen corners of Darjiling. Instead of those tourist places of Darjiling. The grimy, gritty, backstreets, alleys, lanes, Bazar, localities never seen before… the lived-in spaces,” says Anjan Dutt. Murder in the Hills is about the suspicious death of Bengali Filmstar of the 90s unleashing the dark corners of Darjiling.

Murder in the hills (Hoichoi) Release Date And Timings:

This Hoichoi web series will be aired on 23 July 2021. It’s been a long time since Hoichoi has done any series like this. Fans are eagerly waiting for the series to be aired on the big screen.

director Anjan Dutta
release date 23rd July 2021
Web Series name Murder in The Hills

Murder in the hills (Hoichoi) Casting real name or Star Cast:

Anjan Dutt as Tony

Aninidita Bose as Sheela

Arjun Chakroborty as Amitava

Sandipta Sen as Neema

suprobhat Das as Bob

Rajat Ganguly as suvankar

Sourav Chakroborty as Bijoy

1. Anjan Dutta- The Director:

murder in the hills-hoichoi

A singer, writer, director, and also a good doctor. This multitalented person is back with his new thrill series. In this film, he plays the role of inviting news reporter, actor, doctor, writer, and filmmaker. But he himself gets murdered. He not only plays a role in this film but also has directed it.

2. Rajat Ganguly:

murder in the hills-hoichoi

After his series Paap, he is back with Murder in the hills. In Paap, Rajat appeared with his excellent voice. In this Hoichoi series, he will appear as a writer with some past experience.

3. Saswati Guha Thakurata

She is an actor and a producer-engineer by profession. Actress of Janeman.

murder in the hills-hoichoi

4. Rajdeep Gupta

Rajdeep will appear here as a COP. Although he is not that strict as a COP. but can be strict enough when needed. He started his career back in 2012 with the film “Damadol”.

murder in the hills-hoichoi

5. Arjun Chakroborty

He is an actor by profession. In this Hoichoi series, he will appear as a journalist. He works in a cheap Kolkata Newspaper as a correspondent. In the film, he stays in Darjiling to find some truth. “It was a wonderful experience shooting in Darjiling. I never spent so many days in Darjiling before. I easily get homesick but this project and the crew helped me to stay sane,” says Arjun.

murder in the hills-hoichoi

6. Sandipta Sen

She is a popular face on television. Now she has entered the web series world and her upcoming series is this Hoichoi Web Series, Murder in the hills. Here she will be playing the role of a doctor. Recently she performed a stunning bhashan dance on the set and left the whole cast astounded. she won the Tele Academy award for the best actress in Tupur Tapur.

murder in the hills-hoichoi

7. Suprobhat Das

Web Dunia knows Suprobhat well- versed. He is seen as Ajit, the friend, and philosopher of the famous detective Byomkesh. Now he will appear here as a different character. Here he will be playing the role of a coach.

murder in the hills

8. Anidita Das

Anindita Bose recently appeared on RAY streamed on Netflix. she will be playing the role of a teacher in this upcoming Hoichoi series. Aninidita plays the role of Sheela, who is genuinely elegant, and emotional. “The casting team, technicians, and everyone over there here extremely nice. Although we were completely freezer every day, the hot chocolate Glenary’s kept us alive, warm and comfy,” says Aniniduta.

murder in hills heroine

9. Sourav Chakroborty

Sourav is a filmmaker by passion. after a long gap, he is backing a new form through this Hoichoi series. He quit his financial consultant job only to follow his passion. He shipped from Hyderabad to Kolkata for making films. His last four films were super hit.

star cast

Murder in the hills Review:

Anjan Dutt’s first Hoichoi web series is a dark musky tale of the mysterious murder of a Bengali film star of the 90s. Murder in the Hills has filled with many complex thoughts along and actors being contemporary and young. It is filled with secrets, lies, and scandals. the hills become very murky… where the blood is shed and lies are complied over. A most important achievement is to receive the scale I have never reached. In this global scenario, it is important to achieve the OTT work standard with the rest of the world.

It’s been a long time since Hoichoi has done any series like this. Fans are eagerly waiting for the series to be aired on the big screen.

Murder in hills (Hoichoi) Trailer:

The suspicious death mystery will unleash its truth this year in Bengali. the director Anjan Dutt has given his best to film this web series which will be streamed in Hoichoi.