Monique Agostino: Wiki, Bio, Age, Jailed, Height, Net Worth

Monique Agostino, 28, a former Instagram model, is now addicted to drugs and could go to jail again. She has a difficult past, and she’s been locked up before.

Who is Monique Agostino?


Monique Agostino, a former Instagram model and real estate agent, is going to prison again because her drug addiction got worse. The court stated her to nine months in jail, and she must serve at least five months before getting parole. She committed various crimes, like robberies while wearing a mask, drug offenses, and carrying a weapon. Before this, she was already in jail, but she got out on bail while waiting for her appeal. Monique is famous for posting popular photos on Instagram, where she wears bikinis.

Monique Agostino Height, Weight & Age:

The age of Monique Agostino is stated as 28. There is no mention of her exact height or weight.

Monique Agostino Family & Relationship:

According to sources she has a young son whom she leaves at a nearby daycare. However, details about her family, husband, or boyfriend remain unclear.

Monique Agostino Education:

Monique Agostino studied at Killarney Heights High School in Sydney, Australia. She was a student there during her academic years.

Unfortunately, there’s no information regarding her Graduation, or Master’s.

Monique Agostino Career:



Monique Agostino had two careers first is an Instagram model and the other is a real estate agent. But she didn’t get much famous on Instagram because she hardly posted. Her life took a bad turn when she got involved in crimes like robberies, credit card fraud, and drugs. She got several prison sentences, spending two years at Silverwater Women’s Correctional Centre. Her lawyer says she has potential and is now taking an online e-commerce course, possibly for a new job or to change herself.

Monique Agostino Net worth:

Monique Agostino’s net worth is currently under investigation, It is not publicly known at this time.

Monique Agostino Jailed Again:

Monique Agostino, a former Instagram model and real estate agent, went to jail for doing bad things and using drugs. She admitted to many charges, like using someone else’s ID for fraud, stealing, having drugs, driving under drugs, having stolen things, and driving a car without permission. This wasn’t her first time in jail. Before, she was there for robbing, drugs, and having a weapon.

In 2018, Agostino drove a car for some teenage boys who did robberies a restaurant and tried to break into a fruit shop and café. Later, she got caught for using a stolen credit card, carrying a knife, and having drugs. While in jail, she appealed, and got bail, but then got sent back for not showing up in court, breaking her bail rules.

Her lawyer said she had potential and was studying online. But her drug problem got worse after losing her real estate license. Even though she had potential, the judge said she kept doing bad things, like driving without permission and skipping court.

Because she did bad things, kept doing them, and didn’t follow the rules, she went to jail. Her lawyer hopes she will do better and stop doing bad things, even though she didn’t follow the rules.

Here’s the full bio of Monique Agostino including her Jailed, Height, Net Worth, Addiction, Husband, Instagram, Photos, Catwomen, History, Family, Parents& other information.

Information Table:

Attribute Information
Name Monique Agostino
Age 28
Height Not specified
Family Information not clear
Relationship Status Information not clear
Education Killarney Heights High School (alumnus)
Career Former Instagram model, real estate agent
Criminal Charges Masked robberies, credit card fraud, drug offenses, possession of a weapon, fraud, larceny, and driving offenses
Previous Prison Sentence Two years at Silverwater Women’s Correctional Centre
Current Prison Sentence Nine months with a five-month non-parole period
Net Worth Currently under investigation
Drug Addiction Spiraled out of control
Rehabilitation Efforts Enrolled in an online e-commerce course

Social Media Accounts:



Monique Agostino Lesser Known Facts:

  • Before her involvement in criminal activities, Monique Agostino worked as a real estate agent.
  • Agostino gained some level of popularity on Instagram as a model.
  • Agostino is an alumnus of Killarney Heights High School, located in Sydney, Australia.

Monique FAQs:

1. Who is Monique Agostino?

  • Monique Agostino is a former Instagram model and real estate agent who gained attention for her social media presence and bikini-clad photos. She has faced legal troubles, including convictions for masked robberies, drug offenses, and possessing a weapon.

2. How old is Monique Agostino?

  • Monique is currently 28 years old.

3. What crimes has Monique Agostino been convicted of?

  • Monique has been convicted of various crimes, including masked robberies, credit card fraud, drug possession, fraud, larceny, driving offenses, and carrying a weapon.

4. Has Monique Agostino served time in prison before?

  • Yes, Monique has previously served a two-year prison sentence at Silverwater Women’s Correctional Centre.

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