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Michelle Alexandra: Wiki, Bio, Age, Model, Death Threats, Career, Education, Hometown, Profession, OnlyFans, Birthday, Birthplace, Nationality, Ethnicity, Transgender, Sexuality, Profession, OnlyFans, and other details: Michelle Alexandra is a very famous, popular and a very trending OnlyFans model and individual. Apart from that she is also a social media influencer, a public figure, a media personality, and an internet icon. Over the years, she has come to gather a lot of attention and limelight on herself. Most popularly, she is known as an OnlyFans model and posts a lot of bold pictures of herself. She has made a huge fan following on her social media accounts. Fans love her fashion sense and her bold sexy pictures.

However, the model has now hit a controversial phase and is trending in the media very much for it. Very recently, Michelle announced that she is transgender. And obviously, as soon as the whole thing came to light, it was like everything went to chaos and threats. A lot of hubbub and gossip started between and not every reaction and comment was good. Let’s read more about the model to know what is her backstory, who is she, and everything else.

Michelle Alexandra Early Life and Background

Michelle Alexandra was born in the year 1996 in the United Kingdom to an English couple. The exact birthday of the 27-year-old model is still unknown in the media. Michelle was born as a boy and was given the name Mitch by her parents. However, when she started to grow up things began to change and she started feeling more uncomfortable by the minute. She acknowledged that her parents had helped her along the way and had always been very supportive.


Furthermore, she confessed that she didn’t realize this wasn’t who she was until her family came to America. She realized it when she was eight years old and had to wear a boy’s uniform to school. Later, she made the decision to be a female when they again relocated to Spain once more. The social media personality began taking hormones and other pills at the age of 14. Soon, three years later, when she turned 17 years old, Michelle underwent her first breast augmentation procedure. Finally, 18-year-old Alexandra underwent her first gender reassignment operation and legally changed her name to Michelle which coincided with Mitch, the name her parents gave her.

Michelle Alexandra Family and Education

Alexandra comes from a very simple and normal, small loving family. She has always been very close with her family and especially her elder brother. Michelle has always talked about how her family has always been her biggest support and has helped her throughout her transgender phase and through her surgeries. She reveals that the name of her parents is Sue and Mick, and both of them now are 62 years old. Alexandra also has one older brother, Jake Alexandra, who is 29 years old, and her best friend. The 27-year-old model further confesses that her journey wouldn’t have been what it is if not for her brother and family.


Her parents never for once stopped supporting her in all the battles of sexuality. However, they knew how important her studies are for her as well. Hence, they enrolled her in a local high school so she can finish her basic minimum high school studies and academics. However, her family used to relocate a lot in her childhood and hence she was never a part of a school for a long time. She always kept changing and that’s why nothing really stuck. Later, she completed her high school graduation completely and decided to pursue modeling as a career.

Alexandra Confesses Being Transgender

On January 4, 2023, on her OnlyFans account, Michelle Alexandra recently came out as transgender. As soon as she revealed the truth about her sexuality, people from all over kept asking her questions and are simply amazed. Her statement, which she shared with her Instagram followers, startled and shocked her past partners, who were unaware of her secret. As soon as the people she slept with in the past started to know about her, they became enraged and angry at her confession and her secret.


The 27-year-old Englishwoman claims that some of the individuals she has previously been with had written threatening notes to make her fear for her life. Their angry comments didn’t just stay horrible messages but they also became death threats and abuse threats as well.

Michelle Receives Death Threats

Alexandra confesses that the messages have been awful, and they’ve made her feel like she is running for her life. Men she once dated or their families have made statements like they hope she dies or that they are going to kill her. She also claimed that the remarks were filthy and extremely painful. Some of them are furious and believe that by sleeping with her, they have turned gay. They’ve gone nuts since the news of her coming out became viral. Alexandra also confessed that she had no desire to mislead or betray any of the men she had previously dated.


Alexandra also confesses that when she was younger, she would go on dates with men for one or two days who didn’t know much about her before they parted ways. Now that they’ve seen her confession, they’re furious. The hardest part of all this has been the guys in her DMs. They continue to abuse and threaten to harm her. At last, she says that she apologizes, but there is nothing she can do right now to alter the past. If the guys feel that way, they are responsible for that.

Here is the full Wiki Bio of Michelle Alexandra, her Age, Model, Death Threats, Career, Education, Hometown, Profession, OnlyFans, Birthday, Birthplace, Nationality, Ethnicity, Transgender, Sexuality, Profession, and OnlyFans.

Michelle Alexandra Information Table

Name Michelle Alexandra
Nickname N/A
Gender Male
Profession Model
Height (approx.) N/A
Weight (approx.) 60 Kg
Figure Measurements NA
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Blonde
Date of Birth 1996
Age (as of 2022) Age 27
Birth Place United Kingdom
Zodiac sign/Sun sign N/A
Nationality British
Place United Kingdom
School N/A
College/University N/A
Educational Qualification Graduation
Religion N/A
Ethnicity White
Caste Christian
Address United Kingdom
Hobbies/Interests Modeling
Marital Status Unmarried
Affairs/Boyfriends/Girlfriends N/A
Sexuality Transgender
Parents Sue and Mick
Siblings Jake
Husband/Wife/Spouse NA
Children 0
Net Worth $ 2 Million



Social Media Account –


Some Lesser Known Facts About Alexandra

  • She was born as a boy and her parent named her Mitch.
  • Alexandra is scared to return to the UK right now.
  • Her nickname is Mimi.
  • She is the closest to her brother Jake.

FAQs About Michelle Alexandra

Who is Michelle Alexandra?

She is a transgender model.

How old is she?

She is 27 years old.

Is she married?


Where does she live?

Unite Kindom.

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