Madeline Pantoja: Wiki, Bio, Age, Death, Family, Killer, Ethnicity

Madeline Pantoja, who is 21 years old, has been missing since May 10, and the Midland Police Department is asking for help to find her.


Who Is Madeline Pantoja?

Who Is Madeline Pantoja

Madeline Pantoja, a young and lively 21-year-old, has disappeared without a trace since May 10. The Midland Police Department is urgently asking for help from the public to find her. In a heartfelt Facebook post, they said Madeline was last seen at 1711 West Francis around 11 pm. Please, if you know anything, let the police know immediately.

Height, Age & Weight

Madeline Pantoja is a young woman with long, dark hair. She is 5’4″ tall and weighs around 130 pounds. Madeline has two butterfly tattoos behind her right ear and a snake tattoo on her right arm. Even though she’s only 21, she’s very independent and takes care of her responsibilities well.


We don’t know much about Madeline Pantoja’s schooling because she wasn’t famous before. But from the pictures, we can see that she’s a determined and ambitious young woman who believes education brings success.

Family & Relationship

Madeline Pantoja's Family


Madeline Pantoja, a private person, has gone missing, which deeply worried her family. After more than a week, her lifeless body was found, leading to the arrest of her ex-boyfriend, Mario Juan Chacon, as a suspect. Madeline was 21 years old. We don’t know much about her family members yet, like her parents, siblings, uncles, or aunts. We’ll update you soon with more information.

What Happened to Madeline Pantoja?

Madeline Pantoja has been missing since May 10, 2023. The police are looking for her and need our help. Madeline was last seen at her apartment on West Francis at 11 pm that night. Her car and phone were found at her home, which makes it even more puzzling.

She is 5’4″ tall with long dark hair and has butterfly tattoos behind her right ear and a snake tattoo on her right arm. Madeline argued with her ex-boyfriend before she disappeared, according to her father, Roberto Pantoja.

It’s worrying because she left her phone, purse, keys, and even her dog behind. Another person, Madeline Kingsbury, went missing in a similar way. Both cases are being investigated, and everyone hopes she comes back safe.

Madeline Pantoja Found Dead


Madeline Pantoja, a 21-year-old woman from Midland, Texas, was found dead after being missing for over a week. Her family revealed that she had dinner with a friend who dropped her off at her apartment before she disappeared.

In a grim parallel, the community remains on edge, as the recent case of Maryam Hamka’s disappearance also took a tragic turn, evolving into a murder investigation.

A GoFundMe campaign was set up to help with the search for Madeline, which is still going on. People who care about the cause have given a total of $20,360.

Information Table

Name Madeline Pantoja
Height 5’4″
Weight Approximately 130 pounds
Hair Color Dark
Tattoos Two butterfly tattoos behind right ear, snake tattoo on right arm
Last Seen May 10, 2023
Disappearance Arguing with ex-boyfriend
Boyfriend’s Name Mario Juan Chacon
Father’s Statement “Heard her arguing with ex-boyfriend and no information since”
Social Media Facebook
Missing Items Phone, purse, keys, dog left behind in apartment

Some Lesser Known Facts About Madeline

Some Lesser Known Facts About Madeline
  • The details of her disappearance have left her family deeply concerned and desperate for answers.
  • Madeline stands at a height of 5’4″ and weighs approximately 130 pounds.
  • Madeline’s ex-boyfriend, identified as Mario Juan Chacon, is a person of interest in the investigation.


What Is the Description of Madeline Pantoja’s Hair?

Madeline Pantoja has long dark hair.

Does Madeline Pantoja Have Any Tattoos?

Yes, Madeline Pantoja has two butterfly tattoos behind her right ear and a snake tattoo on her right arm.

What Did Madeline Pantoja’s Father Say About Her Disappearance?

According to Madeline Pantoja’s father, Roberto Pantoja, as translated by Urias, the neighbors heard Madeline arguing with her ex-boyfriend, and since then, there has been no information about her.

How Would You Describe Madeline Pantoja’s Personality?

According to Urias, Madeline is a very independent young lady who takes care of her responsibilities and handles her own expenses.

What Items Did Madeline Leave Behind in Her Apartment?

Madeline left her phone, purse, keys, and dog in her apartment, which is unlike her normal behavior.