Lauren Wasser: Wiki, Bio, Age, Career, Disease, Net Worth

Lauren Wasser: Wiki, Bio, Age, Career, Disease, Net Worth, Profession, Tragedy, Recovery, Interests, Modelling, University, TSS and more: Lauren Wasser is well known Model and is famous for recovering from a deadly disease. In 2012, Lauren was diagnosed with a Toxic Shock Syndrome. The reason behind this Infectious decease was a Tampon which she wore for a long period of time than the prescribed one. Due to the Tampon Lauren went through some serious risks and got her right leg below the knee amputated. She is currently 33 years old and is out of danger from the decease, but due to her leg amputated she is wearing a Prosthetic Leg. After 3 years in a rehab facility she returned to her Modelling Career and got her first shoot after her tragedy, in the Nordstrom’s Holiday Catalog. She is completely fine now and is leading her career successfully.

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Lauren Wasser Personal Life

Lauren Wasser is a 33 year old New York Fashion Model who is well known for recovering from a death and life situation She is from a modelling family as her Parents were also models and her mothers name is Pamela Cook, the famous American Model. The Information about her father is not very clear but she has brother by the name of Christian Wasser. The details about her birth place and date is not known but She was born in 1987 in America. Currently she is unmarried but it is rumoured from the sources that she is a lesbian and will reveal her life partner soon. The details about her educational qualification is unknown but she once received a Division 1 School Basketball Scholarship but she refused it because she wanted to built her career in modelling.

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Lauren Wasser’s Life Tragedy

Lauren Wasser was diagnosed with a Toxic Shock Syndrome back in 2012 because of a Tampon. She was very often using the Tampons because of her modelling career and once she wore the Tampon for a very long period of time which was the main reason for her Syndrome. The TSS or the Toxic  Shock Syndrome is caused by an excess of Staphylococcus Aureus Bacteria in the body and in the the lauren’s body it was this excess that led to infection because of overtime use of Kotex Natural Balance Tampon. Due to this decease the doctors lost all hopes and could save her only by amputating her legs, that’s why she now wear the Gold Plated Prosthetic Leg and spreads the awareness about this decease and the over use of tampons.

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Lauren Wasser Career

Lauren Wasser is an American Model who made her debut at the New York Fashion Week. She was diagnosed with TSS in 2012 and because of that she had to amputate her legs and replace it with Gold Plated Prosthetic Leg. Lauren got into the recovery, rehab and emotional hardships for 3 long years and after than she again returned to her career in modelling when all have left hopes of her return. She made her debut shoot after her accident in the Nordstrom’s Holiday Catalog and then led her success story to new heights.

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Lauren Wasser Net Worth

Lauren Wasser is an American Model and a TSS decease survivor, she must have made a huge fortune from her modelling career but have to pay for her operation and prosthetic leg after her injury. The details about her Net Worth is unknown but soon will be revealed.

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Lauren Wasser Bio, Age, Disease, Family

Full name Lauren Wasser
Gender Female
Age 33 years old
Date of birth In 1987
Birthplace Canada
Height Not Known
Weight 53 kgs
Mother Pamela Cook
Siblings Christian Wasser
Debut Fashion Show New York Fashion Week
Decease Toxic Shock Syndrome TSS
Education Not Known
Profession Modelling
Nationality Canadian
Interest Modelling
Zodiac sign Not known
Net worth Not Known

Some Lesser Known Facts About Lauren Wasser

  1. Lauren Wasser is a survivor of TSS decease.
  2. She Got her legs Amputated because of her decease.
  3. Luaren’s mother is Pamela Cook, the famous American Model.
  4. She Now wears a Gold Plated Prosthetic Leg.

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