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Kirsten Elwin, is one of the new contestants in Big Brother season 25. Interestingly, she is also a microbiologist which proves that Kirsten is a well-educated lady. She’s evicted this week now. In this blog post, we’ll know more about her. So let’s Start!

Who is Kirsten Elwin?


Kirsten lives in Houston, Texas, but she originally comes from a sunny Caribbean island called Dominica. According to her Instagram, she is a great swimmer. By profession, she is a microbiologist. She loves to travel.

Kirsten Elwin Age, Height, and Weight:

As per sources, Kirsten age is 25 years old. While her exact date of birth is still unknown to us. And if we talk about her height and weight we don’t have this information right now. We’ll update it soon!

Kirsten Elwin Education:

As of now, we don’t know about her primary and secondary education where and when she has completed but we know she was good in her studies. She completed her bachelor’s at the age of 17 as a molecular biologist.

Kirsten Elwin Family:

Unfortunately, we don’t know much about Kirsten’s family, we don’t know whether she has siblings or not. And also we don’t know her father, mother, or siblings’ names as of now. We’ll update you once the information is revealed.

Kirsten Elwin Boyfriend:

As per the sources, she’s single right now. We don’t have information regarding his spouse, boyfriend, or husband. She has kept his life very private.

Kirsten Elwin Career:


Kirsten is a scientist who studies molecular biology. When she was only 17, she went to college to learn about cells and tiny living parts. She’s looked into cancer a lot and helped create a big vaccine. Kirsten is also starting a business making special clothes for swimming. If you check her pictures on Instagram, you can find a link to her store called Juelann, which will open soon.

Kirsten Elwin in Big Brother 25:

Kirsten Elwin is one of the 17 contestants on Big Brother 25. She’s up for eviction. This season of Big Brother 25 had a twist that caused trouble at the start of the first night. They added Cirie Fields from Survivor as the 17th houseguest. For the first time, nominees were chosen before the HOH(Head of House) competition. The houseguests played games from four different universes: BB Comic-verse, Humili-verse, Scary-verse, and Scramble-verse. Kirsten was in the Humili-verse and got last place, so now she’s nominated for eviction. But she might save herself with some interesting facts about her life. She’s competing to win a big prize of $750,000.

Kirsten Elwin Net worth:

As of 2023, we don’t have any information that reveals Kirsten Elwin’s Net worth. Unfortunately, we don’t know how much she earned from her profession. We’ll update soon!

Information Table:

Here is the full information about Kirsten Elwin, including her Height, Ethnicity, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Parents, and other information.

Information Details
Full Name Kirsten Elwin
Age 25 years old
Ethnicity Caribbean
Hometown Houston, Texas
Profession Microbiologist
Education Completed bachelor’s in molecular biology
Relationship Status Single
Career Highlights Scientist, Cancer Research, Swimwear Business (Juelann)

Social Media Accounts:



Less Known Facts About Kirsten Elwin:

  • Kirsten is originally from the Caribbean island of Dominica.
  • She currently lives in Houston, Texas.
  • Kirsten is a skilled swimmer and enjoys traveling.
  • She is a microbiologist by profession.
  • At the age of 17, she completed her bachelor’s degree in molecular biology.
  • Kirsten has a keen interest in cancer research and has contributed to the development of a significant vaccine.
  • She is also an entrepreneur and is starting a swimwear business called Juelann.
  • She loves to travel.
  • She is not a working woman.
  • She is single as of now.

FAQs About Kirsten Elwin

1. Who is Kirsten Elwin?

Kirsten is a contestant on Big Brother season 25. She is a microbiologist and comes from the sunny Caribbean island of Dominica.

2. How old is Kirsten Elwin?

Kirsten is 25 years old.

3. Where does Kirsten live?

Kirsten currently lives in Houston, Texas.

4. What is Kirsten Elwin’s profession?

Kirsten is a microbiologist who studies molecular biology.

5. Does Kirsten Elwin have any siblings?

As of now, we do not have information about Kirsten’s family or whether she has siblings.

6. Is Kirsten in a relationship?

Kirsten is currently single, and she keeps her personal life private.

7. What is Kirsten Elwin’s career highlight?

Kirsten has looked into cancer research and has helped create a significant vaccine. She is also starting a business that makes special clothes for swimming, called Juelann.

8. How did Kirsten perform in the Big Brother 25 competition?

Kirsten participated in the Humili-verse competition and placed last, which led to her nomination for eviction.

9. What is the prize for Big Brother 25?

Kirsten and the other contestants are competing for a grand prize of $750,000.

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