Jyoti Chauhan: Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height, Parents, State

Jyoti Chauhan: Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Caste, Height, Parents, State, Husband, Boyfriend, Hometown, Education, Net Worth, Salary, Hattrick, Stats and other details:  Jyoti Chauhan is an Indian football player who has left an indelible mark on the sport. Her remarkable journey in football began at a young age, and she quickly emerged as a promising talent in the field. Through hard work, dedication, and sheer passion for the game, Jyoti has become an inspiration for aspiring athletes across the nation.

Jyoti Chauhan Birthday, Early Life:


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Jyoti Chauhan, born and raised in Dhar, Madhya Pradesh.

Before focusing on football, Jyoti Chauhan displayed her athleticism in various sports. She excelled in athletics, particularly in the 100-meter and 200-meter sprints. Jyoti’s love for football blossomed at a young age. She started playing football in the narrow lanes of her hometown, Dhar, often competing against boys to hone her skills.

Jyoti faced numerous obstacles in her pursuit of a football career. From societal norms to financial constraints, she had to overcome several challenges to reach where she is today, proving her resilience and determination.

Jyoti Chauhan Education:

Alongside her football career, Jyoti recognizes the importance of education. She has been a diligent student throughout her journey, balancing her studies with her passion for football.

Jyoti Chauhan Career:

Jyoti Chauhan, a talented and dedicated footballer, rose to prominence through her skills and commitment to the sport. Her exceptional performances at the national level earned her recognition and the opportunity to represent her state in the Senior Nationals. This caught the attention of scouts, leading to her inclusion in various national camps.

Jyoti is renowned for her teamwork and leadership skills both on and off the field. She firmly believes in the collective strength of a team and emphasizes the significance of collaboration and unity in achieving common goals.

Jyoti Chauhan Hattrick, Stats:


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In 2022, Jyoti, along with her teammate Soumya Guguloth, received a life-changing opportunity to participate in a two-week trial organized by ‘Women in Sports’ at ŽNK Dinamo Zagreb, Croatia’s top-tier club. The trial, overseen by Mia Medvedoski, the assistant coach of ŽNK Dinamo Zagreb, provided Jyoti with an international platform to showcase her skills.

Jyoti’s outstanding performance during the trial impressed the coaching staff, resulting in a significant milestone in her career. She and Soumya Guguloth became the first-ever overseas recruits for ŽNK Dinamo Zagreb’s women’s football team. Signing a year-long contract with the club marked a turning point in Jyoti’s professional career as a footballer.

On March 12, 2023, Jyoti Chauhan made history by scoring a goal in the 89th minute of a match in the Croatian Women’s League. This achievement made her the first-ever Indian footballer to score a goal in the league. Her remarkable contribution helped ŽNK Dinamo Zagreb secure a 4-0 victory over Rijeka, highlighting her impact on the team and the sport as a whole.

Jyoti Chauhan Philanthropy, Advocacy, Community Involvement:

 Jyoti Chauhan actively engages in charitable work and community initiatives, utilizing her platform to raise awareness about important social issues. She is particularly passionate about causes related to education, gender equality, environmental conservation, and animal welfare. As a mentor for aspiring young footballers, she shares her knowledge and experiences to motivate and guide the next generation. Jyoti’s dedication to inspiring others and promoting the growth of women’s football in India is exemplified through her role as a role model and her active involvement in clinics, workshops, and mentoring programs.

Maintaining a high level of fitness is crucial for Jyoti’s success as a professional footballer. She is passionate about fitness and incorporates a variety of training methods, including yoga and strength training, into her regimen.

Jyoti embraces the opportunities her football career brings, allowing her to explore new places and cultures. Traveling not only broadens her horizons but also provides valuable experiences that contribute to her personal and professional growth.

Jyoti has a knack for cooking and experimenting with different flavors in the kitchen. She enjoys trying out new recipes and sharing her culinary creations with family and friends.

Jyoti often reflects on life’s deeper questions and enjoys engaging in philosophical discussions. She believes in the power of introspection and personal growth to navigate life’s challenges.

Jyoti has a keen eye for fashion and enjoys experimenting with different styles. She embraces her individuality and uses fashion as a form of self-expression.

Jyoti is an avid reader and finds solace in the world of books. She enjoys a wide range of genres, including motivational literature and biographies, which inspire her personal and professional growth.

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Some Lesser Known Facts About  Jyoti:

  •  Jyoti Chauhan draws inspiration from legendary footballers such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Marta. Their dedication, skill, and impact on the sport motivate her to constantly push her boundaries and improve her game.
  • Beyond the football field, Jyoti has a deep appreciation for art and culture. She enjoys exploring different forms of artistic expression, such as dance and music, and believes in the power of creativity to inspire and unite people.
  •  Jyoti has a passion for languages and enjoys learning new ones. Alongside her native language, she is proficient in Hindi, English, and is currently working on expanding her linguistic skills.
  •  Jyoti has a creative side and enjoys expressing herself through art. She dabbles in painting and sketching, using art as a means of relaxation and self-expression.
  •  In addition to her athletic abilities, Jyoti possesses musical talents. She enjoys playing the guitar and has a melodic voice. Music serves as a source of relaxation and creative expression for her.


1: Who is Jyoti Chauhan ?

She is an Indian football player who has left an indelible mark on the sport.

2: Where Jyoti Chauhan was born?

Dhar, Madhya Pradesh

3. What is Jyoti Chauhan’s religion ?


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