Julia Faustyna: Wiki, Bio, Age, Parents, DNA Result, Test, Statement

Julia Faustyna: Wiki, Bio, Age, Parents, DNA Result, Test, Statement, Eye, Family, Maddie McCann, Instagram, Date of Birth, Dr. Phil, Birthplace, Hometown, Nationality, Education, Ethnicity, Sexuality, British, Portugal, Investigation, and other details: Julia Faustyna is a very famous, successful, popular, distinguished and a trending individual. She is the most reputed and talked about right now in the media and on the internet. Mostly, she is known for claiming to be someone else, and that’s how she first gained popularity. Apart from that, she is also a social media personality, celebrity face, public figure, and internet icon.

Lately, because of claiming to be a missing child, she is trending in the media very largely. By the minute, Faustyna is getting more and more publicity. Over a very short time, she has gained quite a lot of attention. She has managed to grab the attention of a lot of people from all around the world. Let’s read further to know more about Julia Faustyna, her story, her career, and everything else you need to know.

Julia Faustyna Early Life and Background

Julia Faustyna was born in the year 2001 and is based in Poland. The exact date of her birth is still unknown and unrevealed in the media and on the internet. The names of her biological parents are also not available anywhere in the media. It’s still not revealed or confirmed who Julia’s real parents are. The point is, no one knows if she is Julia Faustyna or Madeleine McCann. The whole nation and the world, in general, are quite shocked about the whole chaos and fiasco.

Furthermore, we are also unable to find out if she has any siblings or if she grew up with her parents as a single child. Moreover, it has also come to light that Julia was sexually abused in her childhood and hence has very strange memories from when she was a kid. Nothing is yet confirmed and mostly everything is blamed on her mental health.

Julia Faustyna Claims to be Maddie McCann

The whole chaos according to the reports, started a year back, in around 2022. Furthermore, as Julia Faustyna states, she gained suspicion first a year back about her identity. And since then, she has started her investigation to know her real identity. Julia even stated that she always felt that something was wrong and she suspected that something was weird. She even said that her mother never hugged her or said that she loves her.


Furthermore, all of the hazy memories that she has made her think that something was weird and suspicious. Hence, she started to find out more about the case. Moreover, Julia also said that her parents never showed her any pictures from her childhood and always used to change the subject. Whenever Faustyna asked about something, she was sidetracked and her parents used to ignore the subject.

Julia Faustyna Appears on Dr. Phil

In a very recent episode of Dr. Phil, a very shocking case was opened. Julia Faustyna appeared on the episode with her parents and her private investigator named Fia Johansson. In the episode, the discussion started and a lot of things were revealed. Fia Johansson even stated that Faustyna used to take 35 pills in a day since she was seven years old. Stating further, Fia clarified that Faustyna was a victim of some sexual abuse in her childhood and hence her psychiatrist prescribed her 35 pills a day.


However, the case is simply turning into a madhouse as more and more things are revealed. Moreover, in the episode, it did not seem that Julia’s parents are trying to change the subject. They talked about how they have proof and pictures to show that she is their daughter. Her parents even said that the whole ordeal is devastating for them.

Statements Made Regarding the Case

The foremost is the statement made by Julia Faustyna herself. She truly believes that she is the child who got lost and went missing when she was three years old. According to the reports, a British kid named Madeleine McCann went missing in Portugal when she visited the place with her parents. And now, Julia claims it to be her. However, her parents are making some completely different and contrary statements.


They said that since the very beginning, Julia’s mental health has not been good and she always had an obsession to make herself famous. They say that through this chaos she is trying to gain publicity. Furthermore, her parents even said that Julia has always rejected mental health treatment and has moved out of their house. According to them, it’s all a part of her plan to gain media attention nothing else.

Police Investigate Julia Faustyna Case

The case became more twisted and weird when Julia’s private investigator stated her facts. Fia Johansson said that the birthmark on both girls is completely the same. Furthermore, their eye defects are also similar and they both look eerily like each other. Fia even said that one day they all hopped in the car and went to the hospital where according to Julia’s mother she was born. However, when they reached the hospital and asked for Julia Faustyna’s birth details, they couldn’t find any.

Moving on further, she even said that we went to several other hospitals but they couldn’t find Julia’s birth details in any of the hospitals. Moreover, the health book in their home has nothing before Julia turned six. It was after she turned six, that they have the pictures and videos and data of her.

Here is the full Wiki Bio of Julia Faustyna, her Age, Parents, DNA Result, Test, Statement, Eye, Family, Maddie McCann, Instagram, Date of Birth, Dr. Phil, Birthplace, Hometown, Nationality, Education, Ethnicity, Sexuality, British, Portugal, Investigation.

Julia Faustyna Information Table

Name Julia Faustyna
Nickname  –
Gender Female
Profession Model
Height (approx.) N/A
Weight (approx.) NA
Figure Measurements NA
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Blonde
Date of Birth 2001
Age (as of 2022) 21 years old
Birth Place Poland
Zodiac sign/Sun sign N/A
Nationality Polish
Place Poland
School City High School
College/University Poland University
Educational Qualification Graduation
Religion N/A
Ethnicity White
Caste Christian
Address Poland
Hobbies/Interests Music, News, Fashion
Marital Status
Sexuality Straight
Parents Present
Siblings  –
Net Worth


Who is Julia Faustyna, the woman claiming to be Madeleine McCann?

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Some Lesser Known Facts –

  • Both Madeleine and Julia suffer from the same eye defect.
  • They both have the same birthmark as well.
  • We also found out that there are no birth records of Julia.
  • Julia was reportedly sexually abused in her childhood.

FAQs About Julia Faustyna

Who is Julia Faustyna?

She is a woman who claims to be a missing child.

How old is she?

She is 21 years old.

Where is she now?

She is investigating her case.

Is she married?


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