It’s Complicated (2009 Film): Wiki, Cast, Plot, Songs, Reviews

It’s Complicated (2009 Film): Wiki, Cast, Plot, Songs, Where to Watch, Reviews: Premiering on Christmas Day 2009, It’s Complicated is a romantic comedy set in Santa Barbara, California, featuring an all-star cast. The interior shots were filmed on the other side of the USA, in the Broadway Stages in Brooklyn, New York City. The hit movie was an unequivocal box office smash, raising almost three times the amount in revenue it cost to make. After its release on December 25th, it continued to do well throughout the festive season, eventually closing on April 1st, by which time ticket sales had surpassed $200 million. Writer/director Nancy Meyers is no stranger to popular romcoms. Influenced by the so-called screwball comedies of the 1930s, her scripts are heavily slanted towards the experiences of middle-aged women facing conflict, both in their private and professional lives.

It’s Complicated

It’s Complicated 2009 Plot:

Played with aplomb by veteran Hollywood icon Meryl Streep, Jane is the owner of a thriving bakery shop in Santa Barbara. Her ex-husband is Jake (Alec Baldwin), the successful lawyer she divorced 10 years earlier. Immediately the scene is set for a relationship that, while never acrimonious, still ebbs and flows with the tension of maintaining contact, particularly in the lives of their three grown-up children – Luke (Hunter Parrish), Lauren (Caitlin FitzGerald), and the younger sister, Gabby, (Zoe Kazan). Adding spice to the relationship between Jane and Jake is the fact he is married to Agness (Lake Bell), the much younger female he had an affair with that led to the marriage break-up.

As the title says, a straightforward story of a divorced couple falling for each other again is, indeed, complicated. Given the opportunities that exist for socializing these days, especially when the digital dimension is brought into the equation, many middle-aged or even more mature individuals are living life to the full and exploring the possibilities of discovering new romances or revisiting previous relationships. There are increasing numbers of dating services aimed at fostering senior hookups, with new members gravitating to this vibrant social scene. Algorithms will present them with shortlists of compatible matches, whether they’re seeking casual hookups like Jake and Adam or something more meaningful, like the relationship Jane is hankering after.

Jane and Jake are invited to Luke’s graduation in New York, where they have dinner together. Making small talk over the table leads to long-dormant sparks being rekindled, and the pair begin an affair. Jane is overcome by remorse and regrets having been drawn into this potentially volatile situation. The brash Jake reacts oppositely. Not only is he prepared to accept the feelings he still harbors for his ex-wife, but he has also been taking steps to lessen his chances of fertility. He has been undertaking sessions aimed at helping Agness become pregnant, while he has secretly been taking medication to make this less likely. Unfortunately, tampering with the doctor’s orders results in certain side effects, such as feeling dizzy and being prone to fainting.

It’s Complicated

As for the other main characters, none of their offspring knows anything about their affair. Jane’s architect Adam (Steve Martin), taken on board to renovate and redesign Jane’s Californian home, himself a divorcee, begins to fall for her.

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It’s Complicated 2009 Release Date & Movie Details

Directed by:   Nancy Meyers

Screenplay by:  Nancy Meyers

Story by:   Nancy Meyers

Produced by:   Nancy Meyers and Scott Rudin

Cinematography:   John Toll

Edited by:   Joe Hutshing and David Moritz

Release date:    December 25th, 2009

Running time:   120 minutes

Country:   United States

Language:   English

Budget:   $85 million

Box office:   $225 million

It’s Complicated 2009 Casting: Real Names

Meryl Streep: Streep requires little introduction. With a record-breaking 32 Golden Globe and 21 Academy Award nominations, she is regarded as one of the finest actresses of her generation. Although her first role came as far back as 1976, she has continued wowing audiences, proving herself versatile in everything from romcoms like this or Death Becomes Her to serious features like Sophie’s Choice.

Alex Baldwin: Jane’s ex-husband is played with verve by another Holywood legend, Alec Baldwin, the eldest of four acting brothers. Able at supporting and leading roles, he has won more Screen Actors Guild awards than anyone else.

Steve Martin: Texas-born Martin is a comedy actor and musician who has gained plaudits for stand-up comedy and screenwriting. Here he proves he is still an expert at comedic roles.

Lake Bell: Star of TV series such as Boston Legal and Bless This Mess, Bell puts in an excellent turn as Jake’s long-suffering second wife, Agness.

Hunter Parrish: Also known for singing, Parrish plays Jake and Jane’s son, Luke. Visiting the Big Apple for his graduation proved to be the catalyst for his parents to find they have unresolved issues – of the romantic variety.

John Krasinski: Nominated for four PrimeTime Emmys, Krasinski is better known these days as the writer, director, and co-producer of A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place II, the post-apocalyptic horror movies. Here he plays Lauren’s fiancee.

It’s Complicated 2009 Soundtrack

The movie features an eclectic soundtrack of romantic songs. These include ‘Judy Blue Eyes,’ by American pop/country artists Crosby, Stills and Nash, the more upbeat ‘Grooving in the Garden’ by Daniel May and Marc Ferrari, and ‘Girl, They Won’t Believe it,’ by English solo performer Joss Stone. Another standard making an effective appearance is ‘Don’t Do Me Like That,’ by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

It’s Complicated 2009 Budget

It’s Complicated cost $85 million to produce, its exterior shots filmed in California, while the internal scenes were captured in New York. The bakery featured was built inside the Brooklyn film lot, Prospect Park.

Box Office Collection

For a relatively modest outlay, the movie was a success at the box office. Opening in 2,887 locations across the country, it was up against some big hitters – Avatar, Sherlock Holmes, and the ‘squeakuel’ to Alvin and the Chipmunks. Nevertheless, it went on to gross almost $113 million in the USA and Canada and a further $219 million across the rest of the world.


It’s Complicated won the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures Award for ‘best ensemble cast’ and was nominated for three Golden Globes (nancy Meyer for best screenplay, Meryl Streep for best actress, and the film itself).