Hollie Shearer: Wiki, Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Love Island, Height

Hollie Shearer, born on December 4, 1994, is a young social media prodigy from England. Her father, Alan Shearer, is described as a retired Premier League football striker. Shearer holds English nationality and has two siblings.

About Hollie Shearer

Hollie Shearer, a native of England, was born on December 4, 1994. Her father, Alan Shearer, is a renowned retired football striker who had a successful career in the Premier League. Hollie’s mother, Lainya, also plays a significant role in her life. Hollie proudly holds English nationality and shares her family heritage with her two siblings. There aren’t much information about her because she’s still very young.

Hollie Shearer Father

Hollie Shearer
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Alan Shearer, the father of Hollie Shearer, is a highly acclaimed retired football striker from England. He was born on August 13, 1970, in Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Shearer is widely regarded as one of the greatest footballers in English history.

During his career, Alan Shearer achieved numerous accolades and records. He played for several notable football clubs, including Southampton, Blackburn Rovers, and Newcastle United. Shearer’s most successful stint came with Blackburn Rovers, where he played from 1992 to 1996. During that time, he played a pivotal role in Blackburn’s Premier League title-winning campaign in the 1994-1995 season, finishing as the league’s top goal scorer.

Following his retirement from professional football in 2006, Alan Shearer has been involved in various endeavors. He has worked as a football pundit and television presenter, providing expert analysis and commentary on football matches. Shearer’s contributions to the sport and his remarkable career have solidified his status as a football legend in England and beyond.

Hollie Shearer Education

There is limited information available regarding her educational background. We’ll keep posting when more information is revealed.

Hollie Shearer Boyfriend

Hollie Shearer Boyfriend
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Hollie Shearer has not provided any indications or public information regarding her current dating status. There have been no posts or updates shared by her about having a partner or being in a relationship. Hollie maintains her privacy in this matter, and any details about her personal life remain undisclosed at this time. We will keep posting when any more information is out in the public.

Shearer’s Career

Shearer, the daughter of the football star, has garnered a significant following on social media platforms. Her captivating cover songs have played a pivotal role in her rise to fame. Audiences can enjoy her enchanting voice on YouTube and Instagram, where she shares her musical talents. Holly’s Instagram handle boasts an impressive 33.2k followers, indicating the strong support she has received from her fans. Similarly, her self-titled YouTube channel has amassed 1.56k subscribers, showcasing the growing interest in her musical content.

She joined YouTube in May 2014, and her cover of the song “Stay With Me” has become a fan favorite, accumulating the highest number of views at 26k. The original rendition of the song was performed by Dean Lewis. In addition to her presence on Instagram and YouTube, Holly Shearer is also active on Twitter, where she has garnered a following of 6.3k users. Moreover, she maintains a presence on Facebook, expanding her reach across multiple social media platforms.

Holly’s growing popularity on these platforms is a testament to her musical talents and the appreciation she has received from her online audience. Her engaging performances and melodious voice continue to captivate fans and earn her a dedicated following on social media.

Information Table

Information Details
Real Name Hollie Shearer
Profession Singer, Songwriter
Date of Birth 4 December 1994
Age (as of 2020) 26
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Nationality English
Hometown Britain
Social Media Instagram Twitter
Father Alan Shearer
Mother Lainya Shearer
Height 5 feet 6 inches (167.64 cm)
Weight 52 kilograms
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Hazel

Some Lesser Known Facts about Hollie Shearer

Facts about Hollie Shearer
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  • She was born in England, but her family later moved to America.
  • Hollie has two tattoos, one on her right wrist and another on her left ankle.
  • In addition to singing, she also enjoys playing guitar and piano.
  • Hollie has performed at a number of music festivals, including the Leeds and Reading Festivals.
  • She is a big animal lover and often shares photos of her pets on social media.
  • Hollie has done some modeling work in the past, including photoshoots for local magazines.


Hollie Shearer, born into a legacy marked by her father Alan Shearer’s football prowess, has carved her own path as a singer and songwriter, leveraging social media platforms to share her talents and connect with a global audience. Despite her relatively young age and the privacy she maintains over aspects of her personal life, including her educational background and relationship status, Hollie’s passion for music is evident in her engaging cover songs and original compositions.

Her tattoos, one on her right wrist and another on her left ankle, add an intriguing layer to her persona, possibly symbolizing personal meanings or milestones in her journey. As Hollie continues to cultivate her musical career and share her artistry, her growing following on social media platforms stands testament to her appeal and potential in the music industry.


When did Hollie Shearer begin to sing professionally?

Hollie Shearer began her singing career at an early age, although she first became well-known for her YouTube and Instagram cover songs.

Does Hollie Shearer write all of her music?

Hollie Shearer is a songwriter in addition to being a vocalist. She composes her own songs, and she frequently performs original songs for her audience.

Which Hollie Shearer cover song is her most well-known?

Hollie Shearer’s version of Dean Lewis’ “Stay With Me” has amassed a sizable amount of views and is one of her most well-liked covers on YouTube.

Does Hollie Shearer give live performances at events?

Yes, Hollie Shearer has played live at events such as music festivals and other occasions. She takes pleasure in interacting with her audience during live performances.

Does Hollie Shearer intend to release any of her original music?

Hollie Shearer has acknowledged her love for music and songwriting, even if there isn’t any precise information accessible right now. In the future, it’s feasible that she may release her own songs.

How can I follow Hollie Shearer’s music and activities?

You may follow Hollie Shearer on her social media pages on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter to remain up to date with all of her newest music releases, performances, and other endeavours.