Hassan Mugambi: Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Career, Wedding, Salary

Hassan Mugambi is a charismatic and accomplished news anchor, crime and investigative reporter, and human rights defender hailing from Kenya.

Hassan Mugambi Birthday, Nationality & Ethnicity:

Hassan Mugambi Birthday, Nationality & Ethnicity
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Hassan Mugambi, a famous news presenter, reporter, actor, and defender of human rights, was born on a special day, but the exact date is not known. He comes from Kenya, a country with a rich culture, beautiful scenery, and diverse people.

Being a Kenyan, he feels proud to represent his nation and use his platform to talk about important issues that affect his fellow citizens.

Hassan’s profile doesn’t say his specific background, but his work for human rights and social justice shows he cares about helping people who are often ignored. He’s well-known for this.

Many people love him for his strong commitment to making the world better for everyone. In summary, Hassan Mugambi is a proud Kenyan citizen whose ethnicity is not immediately clear.

Hassan Mugambi Height, Age, & weight:

While information on his height, age, and weight is not readily available, it is clear that Hassan Mugambi’s talent and passion for his work rise above these physical attributes.

Hassan Mugambi Family, Wife, & Daughter:

Hassan Mugambi loves his family very much. He happily married his wife, Mwanaidy Shishi, and they have a beautiful daughter named Naya Mugambi. Hassan enjoys reporting on crime and investigating stories. He also loves acting on stage.

He cares deeply for his family and spends quality time with them. His wife, Mwanaidy, supports and loves him. Together, they are a happy family, cherishing every moment with their adorable daughter, Naya.

Hassan’s  Career:

Hassan Mugambi is a talented person. He has a successful career as a news anchor, crime reporter, and investigator in Kenya. He also acts on stage and defends human rights. His journey began with a love for telling stories and wanting to help his community. He worked hard to get better at journalism and gained respect from colleagues and viewers.

As a crime reporter, Hassan helped uncover corruption and made powerful people take responsibility for their actions. His reports brought positive changes to many people’s lives.

Apart from journalism, Hassan is a great actor, entertaining audiences with his performances. He speaks up for those who often don’t have a voice, caring about human rights and fairness.

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History of Hassan:


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Hassan Mugambi has been a well-known person in Kenyan media for over ten years. At first, he acted in many shows, showing off his great acting skills. Then he became a reporter for Citizen TV Kenya, investigating crimes fearlessly and telling stories sharply. He talked about big cases, bringing attention to important problems.

Hassan is not just a journalist; he is also a human rights supporter. He uses his platform to help marginalized people and talk about important issues, inspiring good changes in his community and beyond.

With his great storytelling and always telling the truth, Hassan is loved in Kenya and beyond. His work as a reporter, actor, and human rights supporter inspires others and makes him an icon in Kenyan media.

Hassan’s Salary & Net worth:

Accurate information on Hassan Mugambi’s salary or net worth is not available.

Information Table:

Information Details
Full Name Hassan Mugambi
Profession News Anchor, Crime & Investigative Reporter, Thespian, Human Rights Defender
Employer Citizen TV Kenya
Nationality Kenyan
Education Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism
Notable Work Reporting on crime and human rights issues in Kenya
Awards 2019 CNN MultiChoice African Journalist Awards – Finalist
Social Media Twitter: @HassanMugambi
Personal Life Engaged to Mwanaidy Shishi, reportedly set to get married soon

Social Media Accounts:

Less Known Facts of Hassan Mugambi :

Less Known Facts of Hassan Mugambi
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  • Hassan Mugambi is a trained thespian with a degree in Literature and Theatre Studies.
  • He is a vocal advocate for human rights and social justice, often shedding light on marginalized issues.
  • Mugambi is from the Kikuyu tribe and was raised in a Christian family.
  • He holds a Master’s degree in International Relations from the University of Nairobi.
  • Before his career in journalism, Mugambi was an actor in various Kenyan productions.

FAQs About Hassan Mugambi:

What is Hassan Mugambi’s educational background?

Hassan Mugambi has a Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Theatre Studies and a Master’s degree in International Relations from the University of Nairobi.

What tribe is Hassan Mugambi from?

Hassan Mugambi is from the Kikuyu tribe in Kenya.

What is Hassan Mugambi’s career background?

Hassan Mugambi is a news anchor, crime and investigative reporter, thespian, and human rights defender.