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Faye Ho, a skilled racer and finance manager, is a true game enthusiast. While she enjoys trying various games, her heart is racing. Let’s know more about her in this following blog so keep scrolling!

Who is she?

Faye Ho is an amazing racer and finance manager who loves racing. Her family has a long racing history. She works hard to get more women into male-dominated sports like racing. Faye Ho is emotional and determined. She started her racing team, FHO Racing, which competes in the British Superbike Championship. She encourages women to join the sport. Faye is a true leader and role model.

Height, Weight & Age:

Faye Ho is 46 years old while her exact height, weight, & exact Date of Birth remain unknown, her stature in the racing community is unbeatable.

Marriage Life:

Faye Ho Marriage Life
Source: belfasttelegraph.co.uk

Stuart and Faye have been together for three years. Recently, Stuart proposed to Faye in a sweet way, with help from her sister. Faye was happy and said yes. Both of them were married before, but it didn’t work out. Now, Faye wants a simple and private wedding on a tropical beach with close family and friends. Congratulations to them as they start planning their special day!


Faye Ho, the granddaughter of the late Dr. Stanley Ho, has a remarkable career as a business entrepreneur and motorcycle race team owner. Her goal is to run a pro racing team, using British Superbikes and Isle of Man TT to attract partners and sponsors. Faye promotes diversity in Motorsport, backing three female competitors in Junior British Superbikes.

She’s part of FIM International Women’s Commission. With a passion for Motorsport from youth, she partnered with top racing teams and has various business portfolios. Her FHO Racing BMW team competes in prestigious events like Bennetts British Superbike Championship, International Road Races, and Macau Grand Prix. Check her team’s journey at www.FHOracing.com.

Net worth:

Faye Ho’s exact net worth is not publicly disclosed, making it difficult to determine an accurate figure. Some sources, such as ZGR, speculate that her assets are valued at least $1 million.



Faye Ho’s grandfather was Dr. Stanley Ho. She has a close bond with the Macau Grand Prix and works with racing teams. We don’t know much about her parents and siblings.

Information Table:

Here’s the full bio of Faye Ho her, Height, Business, Car, Racing, Married, Grandfather, Nationality, Ethnicity, Family, Background,& other information.

Attribute Details
Name Faye Ho
Occupation Racer, Finance Manager, Business Entrepreneur, Motorcycle Race Team Owner
Passion Racing
Family Background Granddaughter of the late Dr. Stanley Ho
Racing Team FHO Racing BMW
Racing Competitions Bennetts British Superbike Championship, International Road Races (TT & NW200), Macau Grand Prix
Promoting Diversity Supports three female competitors in the Junior categories of British Superbikes
Appointment Member of FIM International Women’s Commission
Net Worth The exact figure is undisclosed, speculated to be at least $1 million
Marriage Engaged to Stuart, previous marriages ended in divorce
Desired Wedding A private, intimate ceremony with family and close friends in a tropical location
Website www.FHOracing.com

Social Media Accounts:



Some Lesser Known Facts About Faye Ho
Source: belfasttelegraph.co.uk
  • Faye Ho is a strong advocate for promoting diversity in Motorsport.
  • She has a deep affinity with the Macau Grand Prix event and has formed partnerships with successful racing teams associated with the event.
  • Faye Ho has a diverse business portfolio that ranges from property and digital marketing to animal welfare.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What is Faye Ho’s occupation?

Faye is a racer, finance manager, business entrepreneur, and motorcycle race team owner.

2. What racing team does Faye Ho own?

Faye owns the FHO Racing BMW team.

3. What racing competitions does FHO Racing participate in?

FHO Racing competes in the Bennetts British Superbike Championship, International Road Races (TT & NW200), and the Macau Grand Prix.

4. How does Faye Ho promote diversity in Motorsport?

Faye Ho supports three female competitors in the Junior categories of British Superbikes and has been appointed to the FIM International Women’s Commission.

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