Erin Caffey: Wiki, Bio, Age, Murders, Crime, History, Sentence

Erin Caffey: Wiki, Bio, Age, Murders, Crime, History, Case, Weight, Sentence, Boyfriends, Relationship, Friends, Family, Siblings, Parents, Case History, Piers Morgan, Planning, and Other details: Erin Caffey – the girl who got her family killed by her boyfriend. Yes, you read that right. Erin Caffey was only 16 years old when she convinced her boyfriend Charlie Wilkinson to murder her entire family. And so four adolescents went out to murder an entire family. That night the life of eight people were ruined and destroyed forever.
Erin Caffey, Charlie Wilkinson, Charles Waid Erin’s friend, and his girlfriend Johnson planned to make a family disappear. Read the entire article to know how and what happened on that fateful night. Her story was also discussed in Pier Morgan: Killer women.

Erin Caffey Early Life And Childhood

Erin Caffey was always a very sweet and shy individual while growing up. She was always involved in their local church and its events. Erin was the vocalist in her family and she was exceptional at what she used to do. Erin Caffey was also a good student academically at her school.

She also used to work at a sonic fast food joint. Caffey was a part-time waitress there and it was while serving food one day she met Charlie Wilkinson. Before she met Wilkinson, she was just a sweet normal, shy girl. However, it all changed pretty quickly and the changes in her never bode well with her parents.

Erin Caffey’s Parents And Siblings

Erin Caffey was born in Alba, Texas to a normal middle-class family. Her mother Penny Caffey was an excellent pianist who used to play at their local church. Penny was a dedicated homemaker and she used to do her best for her children. Erin’s father Terry Caffey was a simple job worker and loved his Little family to bits.

Just like most people around the world Erin grew up with two adorable baby brothers. The youngest brother was eight years old and he loved and excelled at playing guitar. Furthermore, the middle child Matthew was only thirteen years old and play the harmonica brilliantly.

Erin Caffey Boyfriend

As stated above, Erin met Charlie Wilkinson while working her part-time shift in a fast food joint. Their relationship became very serious very quickly and started to concern her parents. Her father stated that they tried questioning Erin about her boyfriend. However, she never revealed much about what was going on.

Tensed and concerned for her well-being they went on the internet to know more about her boyfriend. There, the father said, he found out all sorts of ‘sexual references’ and ‘alcohol consumption plans’. They understood that the boy is a bad influence on their daughter. The girl’s parents decided to be strict about the situation and take action while they still had time.


Hence, the parents forbade Erin from ever seeing or meeting with Wilkinson. When Erin heard this it angered her to no end and made her rebellious. Their relationship had evolved pretty early and this was certainly not the right sign. Wilkinson also gifted Erin a promise ring of his grandmother’s and the couple had also decided to marry each other. They were in a relationship for only five months when Erin got a ring from Wilkinson.

Erin Caffey Murder Plan

Erin was soon grounded by her parents and her mobile phone was taken away. After all the precautions taken by her father, she grabbed a hold of her phone and contacted her boyfriend. Soon, she convinced her eighteen-year-old boyfriend to kill and murder her entire family. Although Wilkinson tried to convince Erin to run away from the house, she was stuck with the killing option.

Wilkinson then decided to convince and take help from Erin’s friend Charles Waid and his girlfriend. A deal that Wilkinson will give Waid two thousand dollars for his help was finalized. And that’s how two young adults of eighteen years and twenty years old decided to kill the entire Caffey family on the fateful night of 01 Match 2008.

Caffey And The Execution Of The Mastermind Plan

After they finalized the whole plan and deal, soon the D- day arrived. In the dead of the night when Erin’s parents and siblings were fast asleep the two boys entered the house. The girls were both waiting for them in the car. Erin had said ‘Do what you gotta do’ when Wilkinson said that he would have to kill her brothers too.

The sixteen-year-old mastermind criminal did not think once for her own family and chose her boyfriend. The boys shot the mother and father in the bedroom upstairs and went down to finish off the brothers. The siblings shouted and begged Charlie to let them go. However, Waid slashed their throats with the sword he had. Soon after committing the murders, both the boys looted the house as much as they could and then set the house on fire.

Just before the house was about to set on fire, Erin’s father miraculously came back to consciousness and crawled out of the home to the safety of their neighbors. After calling the police, he was rushed into emergency surgery where his life was in a very serious condition. Somehow, the doctors managed to save him. On the other hand, the police found Erin and her boyfriend living in a trailer. When the girl saw that she was about to get arrested she made up the story about being kidnapped by her boyfriend.

Erin Caffey Sentenced

After having all four perpetrators in the custody, it took no time for the police to know the truth. It was soon revealed that behind all the chaos that took place it was Erin the mastermind. They were all sentenced to life imprisonment and continues to serve their time in jail for the lives they took and the one they destroyed.

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Erin Caffey Information Table

Name Erin Caffey
Nickname N/A
Gender Female
Profession Murderer
Height (approx.) NA
Weight (approx.) NA
Figure Measurements NA
Eye Colour Not Known
Hair Colour Not Known
Date of Birth NA
Age (as of 2022) 30 Years
Birth Place Alba, Texas
Zodiac sign/Sun sign NA
Nationality American
Hometown Alba
School NA
College/University NA
Educational Qualification NA
Religion Christianity
Current office In Jail
Address N/A
Hobbies/Interests N/A
Marital Status NA
Affairs/Boyfriends/Girlfriends Charlie Wilkinson
Sexuality Straight
Parents Father: Terry

Mother: Penny

Siblings 2 Siblings
Husband/Wife/Spouse NA
Children NA
Net Worth NA


Erin Caffey’s Social Media Accounts

There is no social media account related to Erin Caffey.

Some Lesser Known Facts About Erin Caffey

  • Erin Caffey was only 16 when she planned the murder of her entire family.
  • Erin Caffey is sentenced to 40 years of jail.

FAQs About Erin Caffey

a) Who was Erin Caffey’s Boyfriend?

A) Charlie Wilkinson, 18 years old was Erin’s boyfriend.

b) Which Pistol was used to kill them/.

A) A .22 pistol was used to kill her parents.

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