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Brady Robertson: Wiki, Bio, Age, Case, Family, custody, early life, case study and more: Brady Robertson is a 21-year-old boy, who was found guilty of murdering 4 people in a car accident. In the June of 2020, Brady was found overspeeding in the road with his Blue Infiniti and while the police were chasing him, he hit a Honda SUV, in which 4 people were present. The accident was so deadly that most elders of the 4 died on the spot and others died in the hospital. Brady Robertson was born and raised by his parents in Ontario, Canada. Currently, Brady is in Federal Custody for the last 10 months and is fighting his case, but as of now, the victims have requested a minimum of 15 years of imprisonment.

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Brady Robertson Personal Life

Brady Robertson is a 21-year-old boy, who was born and raised in Ontario, Canada with his parents. His early life details are not accounted anywhere, but he came to media light after his life-changing incident that led to a disaster in his life.

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Brady Robertson Case Study and the Incident

On 20th June 2020, Brady was driving his Blue Infiniti G53 and got a little over speed, and according to the law, it is a crime to Overspeed in a city area. He was caught in the camera and the Police of the local area followed him to take over him and get him a ticket but against that situation, he got nervous and get into more speeding and unfortunately, his car also didn’t get the license plate and after all this, the police need to catch the car.

Brady got very nervous and due to overspeeding he got hit by a Honda SUV that was crossing a signal and the accident was so bad that the SUV got into the fire and all the people around that area tried to get the passengers out. But unfortunately, they got into a very big tragedy. The car had 4 passengers named Karolina Ciasullo aged 36years and her three daughters: Klara aged 6, Lilanna aged 3 and Mila aged only 1 year. One of them died on the spot and the other 3 were taken to hospital but their condition was so serious that they all died on the hospital bed.

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After The Incident

After the incident, Brady was taken into custody for 2 months to be courted to the Judiciary and got sentenced to jail for further inquiry into the case. After that, the parents of Brady filed a bail, but due to the severity of the case, the bail got rejected. And from the last 10 months, he is in Federal Custody. The family of the victim and the human rights group have requested the court to at least give the accused 15 years of the sentence. To date, the case is not rested to a solution.

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Brady Robertson Bio, Age, Family, Case

Full name – Brady Robertson
Birthdate 2000
Age 21 years old
Case Over speeding, no license plate, casualty in accident
Birth Place Ontario, Canada
Current resident Canada
Case status Federal Custody
Parents Michael and Kristen Carver
Casualty in Accident 4
Years in Case 1year
Relationship Girlfriend
Sentence years 15 not confirm
Net worth Not KNown

Some Lesser Known Facts About Brady Robertson:

  1. He is just 21 years old.
  2. Brady got into an accident and got a murder charge for 4 people.
  3. Brady is currently in Federal Custody.
  4. He is born in Canada.

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