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Ava Santina works as a Political Correspondent at JOE.co.uk, specifically for PoliticsJOE. She concentrates on Westminster and trade unions, and she carefully reports on political news and changes. Let’s know more about her in the following blog post.

Who is Ava Santina?

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Ava Santina works as a Political Reporter at PoliticsJOE, a reputable news organization headquartered in the UK. Her main focus is on covering Westminster, the political center of the UK, and trade unions. She’s part of JOE Media and offers thoughtful opinions and analysis on political happenings. Ava is a skilled journalist with a strong grasp of UK politics. She’s located in London, England.

Ava Santina Age, Weight, and Height:

Ava Santina is approximately 40 years old. She stands at a height of around 5 feet 5 inches, and her weight is estimated to be about 63 kg. Her blonde hair suits the field of political journalism.

Ava Santina Education:

Ava Santina went to the University of Sussex to study English Literature. She earned a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree there. She attended the university from 2014 to 2018. Before that, she finished high school.

Ava Santina Family:


We don’t have any information about Ava Santina’s marriage, husband, parents, or children at the moment. Her family background is currently not known. Any updates on this will be provided later when available.

Ava Santina Career:

Ava Santina is a well-known Political Correspondent who has worked mainly for PoliticsJOE and JOE Media. She focuses on reporting about Westminster and trade unions, but she has also talked about sports incidents and made headlines. She criticized Nick Kyrgios for his erratic behavior on the tennis court and questioned labeling Serena Williams as “uncontrolled” when she smashed a racket at the 2018 US Open, which caused controversy.

Ava Santina Professional Career:

Ava Santina has worked in different media companies in various roles. Currently, she is a Political Correspondent at PoliticsJOE since October 2021. Before that, she spent over two years as the Lead Producer of James O’Brien on LBC at Global. She also worked as a Producer and Assistant Producer at LBC Radio, including time with the Breakfast Team and supporting Nick Ferrari at Breakfast. Ava’s career includes being a Broadcast Journalist at BBC Sussex, interning at Conde Nast International and WIRED, and being a Teaching Assistant at Roosevelt University in Chicago.

Ava Santina Ethnicity

She is British and white. She is from Britain, U.K. so her ethnicity is British.

Ava Santina Net worth:

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As of 2023, Ava’s Santina net worth is estimated to be between 1 to 2 million USD. Her successful career as a Political Correspondent and her involvement in various media organizations have likely contributed to her financial success.

Information Table:

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Information Details
Full Name Ava Santina
Occupation Political Correspondent
Employer PoliticsJOE, JOE Media
Focus Westminster, trade unions
Education Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English Literature, University of Sussex
Age Approximately 40 years old
Height (in feet) Around 5 feet 5 inches
Weight Approximately 63 kg
Hair Color Blonde
Net Worth Estimated 1-2 million USD (as of 2023)
Ethnicity British

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Some Lesser Known Facts About Ava Santina:

  • Ava Santina is known for her bold and insightful commentary on political affairs.
  • She gained attention for calling out tennis player Nick Kyrgios for his on-court behavior and questioning the labeling of Serena Williams during the 2018 US Open.
  • Ava worked as a Lead Producer for James O’Brien on LBC.
  • Ava Santana has also worked as a Broadcast Journalist at BBC Sussex, showcasing her versatility in different media outlets.


1. Who is Ava Santina?

  • Ava Santina is a Political Correspondent at PoliticsJOE, working for JOE.co.uk. She specializes in covering Westminster and trade unions.

2. What is Ava Santina’s educational background?

  • Ava Santina holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in English Literature from the University of Sussex.

3. Where is Ava Santina based?

  • Ava Santina is based in London, England, United Kingdom.

4. What is Ava Santina’s professional experience?

  • Ava Santina has worked as a Lead Producer for James O’Brien on LBC, held various positions at LBC Radio, including producing for Nick Ferrari at Breakfast, and worked as a Broadcast Journalist at BBC Sussex. She is currently a Political Correspondent at PoliticsJOE.

5. What are some notable moments in Ava Santina’s career?

  • Ava Santina gained attention for criticizing Nick Kyrgios’ behavior on the tennis court and questioning the labeling of Serena Williams during the 2018 US Open. Her commentary sparked controversy and garnered attention.

6. Is Ava married?

  • Information about Ava Santina’s marital status or partner is currently unavailable.

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