Anthony Koletti: Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Now, Son, Girlfriend

Anthony Koletti: Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Now, Son, Girlfriend, Wife, Family, Hairdresser, Parents, Birthday, Instagram, Height, News, Ethnicity, Birthplace, Hometown, Nationality, Ethnicity, Sexuality, Weight, Career, Profession, Educational Qualifications, and other details: Anthony Koletti is a very famous, successful, popular, distinguished and a trending individual. He is one of the most reputed, admired, and known Businessmen, Entrepreneurs, investors, reality stars, and hairdressers. Apart from that, he is a self-made personality, a celebrity face, a public figure, and an internet icon.

Lately, our team has found out that he has been charged with some kind of scam and hence, he is trending in the media very broadly. He is an individual who was incredibly loved but has disappointed a lot of people because of where he is today. Let’s read further to know more about Anthony Koletti, his story, his career, and everything else you need to know.

Anthony Koletti Early Life and Background


Anthony Koletti was born in the year 1986 in the United States to an American couple. The exact date of his birth is unrevealed and hidden from the eyes of the media. Our team tried to do a lot of research, we even searched through all the news sites and documents, but we couldn’t find anything about his parents either.

He also doesn’t talk much about his family in any interviews or events. However, what we do know about Koletti is that he took birth in a very well-settled, upper-middle-class modest family. Furthermore, our team was successful in finding out that he doesn’t have any siblings. He is the only son of his parents and has grown up as a single child in the family.

Anthony Koletti Education

We have already established, he was born in a good household. His parents were extremely supportive and encouraging and always pushed him to be his best version. Furthermore, he was only a little kid when he started to have a great passion and interest in business things and was wildly famous in front of the media.

Anthony mostly spent all his childhood and teenage years in front of the cameras and the media. It was because he was a very known and reputed influencer and was a television star as well. And hence, since his teenage years he knew, he had to be a celebrity face.

Koletti’s Hairdressing Career

Mr. Koletti disclosed that after he quit his part-time hairstyling job, he had no money. He further said that Caddick and he had taken a decision in the early stages of the pandemic that he would quit his job. They decided to decrease health risks and that his wife would provide financial support.

However, according to our research, we also found out that Koletti has finally come back and has started his career as a hairdresser again. There are a lot of things that have happened in the past few years that were quite traumatic for Anthony Koletti after the death of his wife Melissa Caddick.

Anthony Koletti And Melissa Caddick Death Controversy


Melissa Caddick was a well-known fraudster who was found dead in the year 2020. However, the reason and circumstances of her passing are still unknown since her husband Anthony Koletti refused to give a frank explanation of what happened in the 30 hours before he reported his wife missing.

According to deputy state coroner Elizabeth Ryan, he said he has come to the conclusion that it is likely that on November 13, 2020, Mr. Koletti had some knowledge of Ms. Caddick’s movements over the previous two days, but Anthony chose not to disclose it in the court or in the media.

Anthony Koletti’s Physical Appearance, Height, Weight

Being a television star and a model is mostly all about a person’s appearance. Hence, one should be extremely careful of their physical health, appearance, and body. Just like most television stars, Anthony is an average, looking male with short black hair. He usually wears quite expensive and attractive clothes and looks quite decent and handsome.

He is a very sharp-minded individual. According to the reports we researched, we found some information about his physical appearance. He stands 181 cm tall which means he is 6 ft and has an incredibly healthy posture and appearance. Koletti weighs around 65 – 70 kg.

Anthony Koletti’s Net Worth

As we have already established, Anthony Koletti is a glorious man who will leave his legacy behind him. The people he worked with and the posts and offices he acquired will forever be indebted to his contributions. Over the years, he has gained tremendous financial sources and fortune for himself and his family. After some estimations and approximations, we found out that his net worth is around $2 million. 

Anthony Koletti Information Table

Name   Anthony Koletti
Gender   Male
Profession   Reality TV Star
Eye Colour   Brown
Hair Colour   Black
Date of Birth   1986
Age (as of 2022)   40 years old
Birth Place   United States
Nationality   American
Place   United States
Educational Qualification   Graduation
Religion   Budista
Ethnicity   White
Caste   Christian
Address   United States
Hobbies/Interests   Music, News, Fashion
Marital Status   Separated
Sexuality   Straight
Parents   Present
Husband/Wife/Spouse   Melissa Caddick
Net Worth   $2 million

Some Lesser Known Facts 


  • He returns back to his hairdressing career.
  • Koletti has left Caddick.
  • He loves to travel the world and is a foodie as well.
  • He has been arrested for some scam.

FAQs About Koletti

1. Who is Anthony Koletti?

He is a hairdresser.

2. Is he married?


3. How old is he?

40 years old.

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