Anna Katharina Schimrigk: Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Family, Net Worth

Anna Katharina Schimrigk: Wiki (Actress), Age, Bio, Family, Height, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Profession, Birthday, Nationality, Career, Education, Achievements & More: Anna Katharina Schimrigk is a German actress. She is famous for The Aftermath, Paths, Kommissarin Heller, and several other movies. Besides movies, she has also appeared in many other TV series and short videos. The superb actress Anna has been able to gain massive respect and recognition in the industry for her incredible performance. She is set to gain a grand career as she is already confirmed with some more amazing movies.

Anna Katharina Schimrigk

Anna Life and Education

Anna Katharina Schimrigk completed their High School education with Good Grades. Later Anna Katharina Schimrigk had done graduation with a Bachelor’s degree in a US state university. She has a height of 5 Foot 8 Inches. Her weight is 68 kg. She has decent body measurements. She lives in Berlin.

Anna Career

Schimrigk finished acting training at the Film University Babelsberg from 2011 to 2015. In 2014 she won the jury award at the Theatertreffen German-speaking drama students in Munich. Throughout her training, she played at the Maxim Gorki Theater (2013) and the Hans Otto Theater in Potsdam (2013/14 season). In 2015/2016 she worked at the Theater Strahl in Berlin. She made a guest appearance at the Prinz-Regent-Theater in Bochum in the production Beruf: Eulenspiegel in 2018. She has been in various film and television creations such as SOKO Wismar (2015; as a neighbor of a murdered student), SOKO Leipzig (2017; as a right-wing extremist, violent opponent of Islam, Milena Brandes), SOKO Cologne (2017; as a heavily pregnant friend of a drug dealer) and Der Kriminalist (2017; seen as a children’s nurse Lea). Schimrigk played a supporting role in No Man’s Land – The Aftermath in 2017. In the Kiel evil scene: Borowski and the land between the seas (first broadcast: February 2018) she embodied, as a counterpart to Axel Milberg, the police chief Maren Schütz, a young, aspiring local police officer who grew up on the fictional North Sea island of Suunholt, with a clear mind. In the television series Morden in Norden (2018) she performed the traumatized young Stella Berthold, who was held in a cellar dungeon for months. In the opening season of the ZDF series, SOKO Potsdam (September 2018) took Schimrigk alongside Dirk Martensa’s dramatic episode role as the daughter of a gas station owner who wants to revenge the injustice on her father. In the 21st season of the TV series In Freundschaft (September 2018), she performed as a newly married young woman who refuses to understand that her husband after a serious motorcycle accident brain dead is, and to consent for organ donation feels pushed. In the futuristic drama miniseries Big Dating (2020), she performed a starring part as a straight mother expectant best friend of the app’s developer and champion Samuel ( Ole Fischer ). In the 21st season of the TV series SOKO Leipzig (February 2021), she caught on one of the main episode roles as the suspect leader of the Leipzig identity movement “Colonia Germania”. In the ZDF crime series The old she worked in 2021 in row 440, the empathetic psychologist Clara Werner, the device briefly under doubt of having killed her sister, and finally, together with the autistic investigators “Lenny” ( Thimo Meitner ) a professional and dares to start a new private life in Vienna.

Anna Katharina Schimrigk Personal Life

There is no data regarding her relationship as of now. It is unknown if she is married or is dating somebody. She is pretty active on her social media accounts.

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Anna Katharina Schimrigk Bio, Height, Weight, Profile, Net Worth

Real name Anna Katharina Schimrigk
Gender  Female
Age  29
Date of birth Not known
Birthplace  Not known
Nationality  German
Hometown Berlin
Profession Actress
Height  5 feet 8 inches
Weight  68 kg
Interest Not known
Zodiac sign Not known
Marital status Not known
University Not known
Parents  Not known
Siblings Not known
Husband Not known
Boyfriend Not known
Children Not known
Net worth Not known

Some lesser-known facts about Anna Katharina Schimrigk

  • Anna Katharina Schimrigk is a fun-loving girl and loves to travel.
  • Anna Katharina Schimrigk is 29 years old as of now.
  • She keeps secrecy in everything except her professional career.

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