Who is Sahil Khan? Wiki, Bio, Age, Sakshi Murder Case

In a shocking incident that unfolded in Delhi’s Rohini, Sahil, a 20-year-old man, committed a brutal and heart-wrenching crime. Sahil mercilessly murdered his minor girlfriend in the Shahbad Dairy area, right in the open on the street. The horrific act was captured on CCTV, causing the footage to spread rapidly across the internet.

Who Is Sahil Khan?

Who is Sahil Khan
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A really terrible and scary thing happened in Delhi’s Rohini area that’s hard to believe. Sahil, a 20-year-old man, did something incredible that is shocking. He hurt his younger girlfriend in front of people, and it was captured on camera. The video spread all over, shocking everyone. People who saw it couldn’t believe what they were watching. It made everyone really sad and scared.

Sahil Khan Height, Weight & Age

We don’t know when or where Sahil Khan was born as it’s not public yet. According to sources, Sahil is around 20 years old. Since we don’t have the exact date, we can’t say about his birthday or zodiac sign. We’ll keep you updated on any new information. Stay tuned!

Sahil Khan Education

sahil khan murder
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Due to the lack of information on Sahil’s Schooling, the details of his primary and secondary education could not be found at the moment. We don’t know which school he attended for his schooling. As it seems like he completed his studies in Delhi.

Sahil Khan Family & Relationships

We don’t know anything about Sahil’s family. We tried really hard to find out the names of his parents, but we couldn’t. Sahil hasn’t told anyone about his father, mother, or siblings yet. So, right now, we have no information about his family. It’s all a mystery for us at the moment.

Because of the murder, we now know that Sahil and Sakshi were in a relationship for a long time but had a big fight before the murder. This sad event reminds us that not solving problems can lead to terrible consequences. It’s crucial for society to deal with such matters urgently.

Sahil Khan Career

Sahil was skilled in fixing air conditioners and refrigeration units. However, his life took a dark turn when he brutally took the life of his girlfriend in a shocking act caught on CCTV. This terrible crime has left the nation feeling shocked and unable to believe it. As the investigation continues, authorities are determined to ensure he gets the toughest punishment for his shocking actions.

Sahil Khan Case

Sahil Khan Case
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In Delhi’s Rohini area, a shocking incident occurred. A 20-year-old man named Sahil committed a brutal murder of his young girlfriend. The horrific act was caught on CCTV and spread online, shocking the nation. Sahil stabbed and bludgeoned his girlfriend 22 times with a large stone, while bystanders watched without intervening.

After the crime, Sahil fled to Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahar, but the police caught him quickly. Sahil and the victim, Sakshi, had been in a relationship for years, facing difficulties before the murder.

Sahil, a mechanic specializing in air conditioning and refrigeration repairs, lived with his family in the area for two years with no previous issues with neighbors. Deputy Commissioner Suman Nalwa assured the public of a thorough investigation and the harshest punishment for the accused.

This sad event highlights the need for swift justice and emphasizes the importance of bystanders intervening to prevent such violence.

About ‘Sakshi’ the victim

The case of Sahil and 16-year-old Sakshi has deeply disturbed the nation. The terrible incident happened in Delhi’s Shahbad Dairy area. A close friend of Sakshi, named Neetu, told that Sakshi went shopping for her daughter’s birthday and planned to meet another friend but disappeared mysteriously.

Sahil, the main suspect, ran away but was later caught in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh. Neetu said Sakshi knew Sahil for years, and they argued a lot, causing problems. One evening in Shahbad Dairy, Sahil attacked Sakshi with a knife, stabbing her repeatedly. Shocking footage shows the knife getting stuck and then shaking it loose.

Sakshi told Neetu not to tell her parents about their problems. Neetu never saw violence before. Sakshi’s mother, shocked, demanded the death penalty for Sahil, as they never knew about him before.

Government Action In this Case

Delhi’s CM, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, strongly criticizes the terrible murder. He expressed his anger and disapproval of such a scary act. This brutal and horrifying crime shocked the whole country. Everyone is demanding justice and working together to stop such tragedies from happening again.

  • Sahil had been working as a mechanic specializing in air conditioning and refrigeration repairs.
  • He had been in a relationship with Sakshi, the victim, for a few years.
  • The couple had been going through a quarrel before the murder took place.

FAQs about Sahil Khan

1. Who is Sahil in the case?

Sahil is a 20-year-old man who is the prime suspect in the brutal murder of a 16-year-old girl named Sakshi in Delhi’s Shahbad Dairy area.

2. What happened in the case involving Sahil?

Sahil allegedly stabbed Sakshi 22 times and bludgeoned her to death with a large cement boulder in the street. The entire incident was captured on CCTV camera and the footage went viral.

3. Was Sahil arrested?

Yes, Sahil was arrested by the Uttar Pradesh police in Bulandshahr, where he was reportedly hiding after fleeing the crime scene.

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