Samantha Azzopardi: Wiki, Bio, Family, Parents, Photos, Age, Nationality

Samantha Azzopardi: Wiki, Bio, Family, Parents, Photos, Age, Nationality, and details: Samantha is an infamous con artist and child abductor. She used to trick and mislead families who were looking for a caretaker for their children. She has been accused of defrauding various families not only in her home country Australia but also in Ireland and Canada.

Samantha Azzopardi

Samantha Azzopardi Life and Education

The notorious fraud was born as Samantha Lyndell Azzopardi in New South Wales, Australia. She was born on the 21st of August in the year 1988. This makes her age 32 years as of 2021. Samantha is a very skilled con artist and a master at deceiving not only ordinary people but also the authorities. Talking about her education, Samantha went to Mount Annan High School where she received her primary education.

Samantha Azzopardi Career

The first time she was caught in fraudulent activities, was when she was just 19. She tried to enroll in two schools at the same time but was rejected after she was apprehended. Samantha has changed her name several times in front of government authorities. She claimed herself to be Lindsay-Lana Jonbenet Coughlanwhen she was found deceiving people in Rockhampton.

In 2014, she named herself  Aurora Hepburn when she was in Canada and walked into a Health Center claiming that she has been harassed and was a victim of sexual assault. In the following years, she changed her identity several times based on her needs and desires.


Samantha Azzopardi Personal Life

Her parents have not been identified as of yet. However, the authorities have disclosed that she did suffer mentally and physically at the hands of her biological mother. Her father and step-father have also been reported to abuse her physically and sexually.

After being caught pretending to be a schoolgirl of 14 years of age who has been abused, Samantha was subject to medical diagnosis. She was diagnosed with a severe personality disorder. A neurological disease called Pseudologia fantastica was responsible for her detailed and intricate lies. She has been sentenced to two years imprisonment by the Melbourne Magistrate in May 2021.

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Full nameSamantha Lyndell Azzopardi
Age32 Years
Birthday21 August 1988
Zodiac Virgo
HeightNot Known
Father Not Known
MotherNot Known
HometownCampbell town
EducationMount Annan High School
ArrestMelbourne District
Net WorthUnder Scrutiny

Social Media Accounts:

Samantha is not found on any social media platform.

Some Lesser Known Facts About Samantha Azzopardi

  1. In 2019, she tricked a French couple who had just moved to Australia. After gaining their trust she took their child to a mental health clinic. After being caught she was charged with cold theft.
  2. The Canadian police spent nearly $400,000 in preparing a case that was forged by Samantha.
  3. There is no information revealed about her parents.
  4. She was born in Campbelltown in Australia.
  5. Samantha has been diagnosed with several personality disorders and sentenced to two years of punishment for her lies and forgery.

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