Nichola Samponaro: Wiki (Alexandra Bergstein’s Girlfriend), Bio, Family, Net Worth

Nichola Samponaro : Wiki( Alexandra Bergstein’s Girlfriend), Bio, Family, Net Worth, Relationship, Career, Partner, Interests, Life, Profession, Nationality, Achievements and more : Nichola Samponaro is widely known for being a partner of the famous American Politician Alexandra Bergstein. Nichola is a Genuine State Salesman and in a profession of  Mission Director and Financier. She is also known to be in the legislative office of the Greenwich Capitol and being the Campaign Manager of The Politician Alexandra Bergstein. Nichola is currently 33 years old and the exact date of birth is still not known. She lives in Greenwich and currently she is been underground because of all the rumors about her job and relationship with Alexandra Bergstein.

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Nichola Samponaro Personal Life

Nichola was born in 1987 although the original data of her early life is still not known. She currently live in Greenwich, Connecticut, USA and it is been said that she lives with her new girlfriend which was earlier her boss, the popular American Politician Alexandra Bergstein. Apparently, the data of her previous relationships or schooling is not yet disclosed but it is said that she shared the same neighborhood as her accomplice Alexandra as reffered from the article in the DailyMail.

Nichola was known to be a Campaign Manager, but from the records it is stated that Alexandra appointed her by her own and pays her out of his own pocket until the Government caught them. She is currently Inactive from all the social media platforms because of all the allegations that were put on her after the announcement of Alexandra for datting  her on alexandra’s instagram account. Her accomplice began assaulting her obnoxiously out in the open, accusing her with different allegations, she had handicapped all her social records. She was blamed by the public to destroy the relationship between Alex and Seth Bergstein.

An Image of Nichola Samponaro and her Girlfriend Alexandra bergstein

Nichola Samponaro Career

Nichola was a genuine salesman of the state as well as the Mission Director and Financer At the Capitol of Greenwich. She is known to be the Campaign Manager and Staffer of the Popular American Politician Alexandra Bergstein or Alex Kessar as from known. She is been held charged for many accusations such as for getting a job by false means, for ruining the marriage of Alex and Seth Bergstein and many more. Currently she works with Alex as a Campaign manager.

An Image of Nichola Samponaro and her Girlfriend Alexandra bergstein

Nichola Samponaro Relationship

Nichola is said to be in relationship with Alexandra the American Politician. From sources it is known that they are going to get married next year but it is still not clear from there side, as many accuse Nichola for ruining the marriage of Seth and Alex Bergstein. Alex told the media that they fell in love with each other while they work together and Nichola turned out the gay side of Alexandra. Nichola help Alexandra to be open about her gay thing to the world and after a long time they announced there Relationship.

An Image of Nichola Samponaro and her Girlfriend Alexandra bergstein and Seth Bergstein

Nichola Samponaro Net Worth

The exact information about Nichola’s Net Worth is still not known, but as she was a Mission Director and a Financer at such an age, she had made a fortune out of it. Nichola’s most part of income is from her salary for being the Campaign Manager at Alexandra Bergstein’s Office at the Capitol of Greenwich, Connecticut. But as said above the exact number is not stated clearly.

Here is the full bio of Nichola Samponaro, her wiki, bio, name, age, university, date of birth, birthplace, zodiac sign, nationality, religion, relationship, career, profession, parents, siblings, interests.

Nichola Samponaro Wiki, Bio, Relationship, Family, Age, Career

Full Name Nichola Samponaro
Age 33years
Birth Year 1987
Religion Christian
Gender Female
Girlfriend Alexandra Bergstein ( kessar)
Birth Place Chicago
Father Not Known
Mother Not Known
Profession Managing and Campaign director at Greenwich Capitol
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Eyes Colour Brown
Height Not Known
Weight Not Known
Zodiac sign Not Known
Nationality American
Net Worth Not Known

Some Lesser Known Facts About Nichola

  1. She is 33 years old.
  2. Nichola is in relationship with Alexandra Bergstein
  3. She has Been Accused to false job.
  4. She is currently not active at any social media platforms.

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