Michael Aaron Carico: Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Net Worth, Controversial Arrest

Michael Aaron Carico: Wiki (Actor), Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Education, Gender, Wife, Children, Family, Career, Age, Net worth, Birthday, Height, Nationality, and other details: Michael Aaron Carico is an American and model who is most prominently known for his performance in the movie Alienated. Michael was seen to be one of the rioters who attacked the white house in January. Revealing his support for fascism and toxic nationalism, Carico has been abandoned by his supporters.

Michael Aaron Carico

Michael Aaron Carico Life and Education

At the point of his arrest, Michael Aaron Carico’s age was 33 years old. Although the exact details of his birth are not available, he was born in the year 1988. He attains a tall height at six feet and weighs 175 lbs, as per his resume. Furthermore, he is popular for his chocolate brown eyes.

Michael Career

Michael Aaron Carico is an actor from LA. He is portrayed by Robertson/Taylor Agency. Ere his arrest, he has been starring in films like Alienated and Northern lights with a few promoting roles. Earlier, he also directed tv series like the inbetweeners, Darkside Miami, Motive to murder, and Hack my life. Furthermore, he had a thriving career in modeling and acting in advertisements. His total worth is expected to be 18 million dollars.

Michael Personal Life

Michael Aaron is an active social media user with his Instagram username @michaelaaroncarico. In this account, he used to have 36.1k cherished followers. Following his arrest, his account has been privatized. Moreover, his Instagram bio still reads “PRO AMERICAN 🇺🇸” as a nod to his virulent nationalism. His Instagram played a vital role in his arrest as the performer was stupid enough to post selfies in the same outfits like the one he had on during the day of the riots. When the feds were seeking proof, his Instagram assisted them with the most crucial one. As per the Los Angels Times, Michael Aaron Carico was arrested from his residence in Burbank on the 11th of August 2021. The report released by the prosecutors states that he was taken into imprisonment on Wednesday and charged with entering a restrained building and disorderly conduct, according to federal officials. He gave himself away when someone else in the masses asked how to find him on Facebook. At that time he answered, “michaelaaroncarico,” as per the court reports. The feds conducted an intense search across social media to get videos and pictures of Carious during the day of the riots. They required enough proof to charge him.

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Michael Aaron Carico Bio, Height, Weight, Profile, Net Worth

Real name Michael Aaron Carico
Gender  Male
Age  33
Date of birth 1988
Birthplace  Not known
Nationality  American
Hometown Burbank
Profession Actor
Height  6 feet
Weight  175 lbs
Interest Not known
Zodiac sign Not known
Marital status Not known
University Not known
Parents  Not known
Siblings Not known
Wife Not known
Girlfriend Not known
Children Not known
Net worth $18 million

Some lesser-known facts about Michael Aaron Carico

  • He was brought to this world in the years 1988.
  • His age is 33 years.
  • He has a height of 6 feet.
  • He has a weight of 175 lbs.
  • He is an actor by profession.
  • He has a net worth of $18 million.

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